Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween

OOOOOO! Look what I got recently. I LOVE me some Junkitz! I can not get enough of Junkitz! I love the Whimsical Halloween line. :-)

So of course I was inspired and created this while I was watching the World Series:

Speaking of the World Series...did I mention that we are the CHAMPIONS?!!! :-)

So yesterday was the victory parade (or rolling rally) as we call it, in downtown Boston.

LOVE Theo!!!

Papelbon ROCKS!!!

Josh Beckett is AWESOME (and HOT!!) Did I mention that he did not dance (as promised!) What a shame!!! :-)
What a GREAT day for RED SOX NATION!!!
Thanks RED SOX!!! You are TRUE CHAMPIONS!!


Pam said...

MMMM Look at all that yummy Junkitz stuff! Great page too!

I think Theo is the best looking one of the bunch! ;) Great photos you shared there!

Aleida Franklin said...

Girl you made that while watching TV!? Wow.