Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Take me out to the ballgame...

We decided to take a little trip to Manchester (NH) to see a Fisher Cats baseball game last night. We had never been and we wanted to see what it was all about. The Fisher cats are the 'farm team' for the Toronto Blue Jays Major League team. Many players pictures are posted all around the park who have started here and made it to the big time. There was even a baseball scout sitting a few seats away from us.

This night they were playing against the New Brittain Rock Cats, They are the 'farm team' for the Minnesota Twins Major League team.

We had great seats, right behind home plate.

Here is Bryant posing with the Fisher Cats mascot, Fungo.

The game announcers booth was right behind us.

They were giving away a ever so popular Webkinz of a bluejay and Bryant was so excited.

Dad and B:

Mom and B:

Here was Bryant watching for the players to come (and maybe get some autographs) with the other kids:

Just a peek in the dugout before the game:

The game was really fun to watch and they won 5-1. Awesome! It was the perfect night for baseball. We will have to do it again sometime...

Monday, July 27, 2009

How Cute is this Card???!!

I mean really! This is sooooooo CUTE!! I really enjoy making cards and I really love receiving them too! This little cutie came from my sweet friend Denise for my B-day and I just adore it. Everytime I look at it, it makes me smile!

Thanks Denise, I really LOVE it!!!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Hanging out and having fun

Yesterday, I actually had some time for myself!

I decided to take a ride to the beach. I love that it is so close by. Literally right up the road!
This was actually the perfect day. It wasn't too hot and believe it or not, the water was warm. Yes, I went for a swim! It was awesome!

My nephew Zach had been visiting with my parents this past week. Even though he lives in the heart of (Pittsburg) Steelers territory, he is a huge New England Patriots fan (and Boston Red Sox too!) Yes, we started on him at birth and now he is 13. Steelers Schmeelers!!! We love this! So while he was here we took a trip down to Gillete stadium/Patriot Place and spent the day.

It was overcast the whole day, but we still had a good time.

They were actually laying sod down on the field while we were there. Just getting ready, Can you believe the football season starts next month??!

Oh, and here are the Championship banners...Life is good!!

Zach and Bryant posing for Grammy, so I had to get a pic too...

Here they are posing with Tom Brady...hahaha...

Loved this one in the Pro Shop. These hats reminded me of Dr. Suess. This pic is definately a keeper!!!

Bryant loved spending the week with Zach and is now sad that he left. It is hard. They live close by, but not close enough. We are hoping to do some cool things this week to take his mind off this. This is our first vacation that we do not have a (scheduled) plan. We will take it one day at a time. No stress..Life is good!

Last but not least...Go Tony! I will be cheering him on to win the Brickyard race today. His favorite race!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

what's new

Last year at this time I was just finishing up the best birthday weekend ever! I spent a few days in Chicago for CHA Summer and really had the time of my life. This year was not so exciting. Quite boring if I do say so myself, but I smile and go on.

Something that did make me really happy, was seeing David Cook singing at the Home Run Derby just a few days before my birthday and he sounded great:

I was even lucky enough to have a couple of yummy birthday cakes which made me happy. This was one from my co-workers:

and this one Steve's mother made. She even put a rose on it from her garden. Very sweet.

The best part of my day was all the B-day wishes on Facebook, the Studio Calico message board and calls from my two best friends. Speaking of Studio Calico, my sweet friends of the BASB sent me a generous gift certificate to their site. I am so psyched about that. Love the gals over there and that is where the BASB girls came together. So thankful for that!

I have done just a bit of scrapping lately. Did this LO for my online jenni bowlin class:

And this one is for the latest basb challenge:

Tomorrow Bryant leaves to spend a few days with my parents and nephew. Oh did I mention my favorite (shh!) nephew is here for the week? Love hanging with Zach! I can not wait to see him!

All for now. Maybe I will get a bit of reading in and go to bed early. Back to the grind tomorrow. Have a great week!!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Flea Market Finds

I have always been facinated by old items, antiques, vintage. I always liked going to the flea market as kid with my Mom and the stories she would tell about my Grandmother and of some of the items that she had used. I hadn't been to the flea market in many years (and either had my mom), so we decided since it was finally going to be a nice day, that we would take a trip. (I have really had the itch to go lately, seeing all the vintage goodies people have to share in my Jenni Bowlin online class.) My Aunt was here too and we had the best time. More stories and more things my grammy used to have. Here is my first item of purchase. An old washboard (yes Grammy had one!) I love the used, distressed appearance. It will look fab hanging on my livingroom door, once I clean it up a wee bit:

I also discovered this little metal basket/letter holder. Though I like the vintage look of it, I may spraypaint it a different color. It is just so cute:

Looking through an old box of vintage papers and cards, I came across this old Ford business card. Since Steve worked for Ford for 20+ years, I thought he would find this fascinating. It is from 1932-in Cambridge, MA. If you look close, you can see that the phone # is only 4 digits. Cool! Steve really likes this by the way:

Part of an assignment we have for the Jenni Bowlin class is to use old milk caps on a scrapbook page. I found these at the fleamarket also:

Oh, and speaking of those old vintage cards, I also came across these. A four season calendar, a valentine and some souvenir postcards from Lexington and Concord, MA. Very cool!

The best part about all these goodies is that the total for everything was about 12 bucks. My Mom and Aunt also showed me how to get the best (and cheapest) prices. Bargain!!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Pretty (Surprise!) Party Invitations

Remember THIS? I had an oppotunity to make some invitations for a co-worker friend, that was hosting a surprise 30th for her sister. Well that worked out great and the invitatios were a big success. Successful and liked enough by another co-worker that she asked if I would be interested in making some invitations for a 25th surprise anniversary party. This was a bit of a bigger project. 40 invitations were needed. The only stipulation was that they needed to be blue. The rest was up to me. A blank slate. When I saw these papers by Creative Imaginations, I knew this was what I would be using. Of course, they had to have a little bling, glitter and ink...right?! So here are my materials:

I came up with a basic design and just switched up the colors a bit. Here are a few samples:

Here is a sample of one up close with a white flower:

And here is one with a blue flower:

The pics are not super clear, as we have not had the best weather lately. All in all I really liked how they came out. She seemed to like them too! They did consume a lot of my time, but I enjoyed making them. Plus, it is another paying gig, can't beat that!!

Now that these are complete, I have a few other projects to complete. I have 2 circle journals that are calling my name, the rest of my Got Sketch 104 LO's and I am now taking a Jenni Bowlin online class (that I am loving!!) I always have something scrappy going on! How 'bout you? How is your Summer going? If you live anywhere that is hot and sunny...please send it my way. I love Summer! I need Summer! Plus, my B-day is coming up and I pray that I will have a nice day!!!

Have a great weekend!!

Monday, July 6, 2009


This Nascar girl first fell in love with racing many years ago, while living in Daytona Beach. My favorite race to attend is the July 4th night race in Daytona. Though I do not get to attend it as often as I use to, I love to watch it on tv. Also for some reason, my guy Tony Stewart always seems to win when I am not there. Go figure?! Anyways, that would be the case this year. We did not go and he did win. Win, in a BIG way! A crash of Kyle Busch (awwww!) in the final lap!!

Yah!!!! Tony ROCKS!!!

Okay, enough race talk, on to some of the scrapping that I have done lately. I really have not done much. There is a reason for that, which I will share soon. The following 2 LO's are from the sketch 104 online class I took. These are the only 2 I have completed out of the 8 and the class is done. I am so behind! ME! Can you believe it? As I said above a very time consuming project, that I will share soon. This first LO I used a lots of goodies from my Scarlet Lime June kit. Loved these colors and they worked perfectly with these backyard baseball pics of my son. Go B!!

Though I did not personally take these pics of Tony, I wanted to celebrate Tony's 1st official win as an owner/driver. Ya, he ROCKS! I know I already said that!

I really do love these got sketch classes. I (usually) get so much accomplished, Plus, Janna Wilson is one of my favorite scrappers. Speaking of Janna, I was in my local AC Moore store, in Salem NH, and I saw this Fiskars display with pics of her kiddos. They are old pics, but I would recognize those smiling faces anywhere. Yes, I took a picture in the store, Yes, I always have my camera in my purse. You just never know...

Our fireworks got postponed (due to rain!!) until last night at 10pm. I have to say, they were not that great. I think this face says it all!

Wanted to share a couple of other things. Did a little upgrade in our bathroom. I just love a new shower curtain and all the accessories. It just makes everything look so pretty!

We also finally finished doing the livingroom over! In the past year we got new carpet, new funiture, new area rug, a new ceiling & ceiling fan, new windows, new curtains and new lamps. I even repainted the wall to look sort of like granite. I know the picture is dark, but after rearanging the room and vacuuming (a new vaccuum too!) it really looks awesome!

So, as I said, lots of stuff going on. I am still in the process of doing over Bryant's room. Today, we took a few hours to clean it. Not very fun, but that is a story for another day. Hope everyone had a happy Monday. I need to get some sleep. Back to work tomorrow. Sweet dreams!