Saturday, July 11, 2009

Pretty (Surprise!) Party Invitations

Remember THIS? I had an oppotunity to make some invitations for a co-worker friend, that was hosting a surprise 30th for her sister. Well that worked out great and the invitatios were a big success. Successful and liked enough by another co-worker that she asked if I would be interested in making some invitations for a 25th surprise anniversary party. This was a bit of a bigger project. 40 invitations were needed. The only stipulation was that they needed to be blue. The rest was up to me. A blank slate. When I saw these papers by Creative Imaginations, I knew this was what I would be using. Of course, they had to have a little bling, glitter and ink...right?! So here are my materials:

I came up with a basic design and just switched up the colors a bit. Here are a few samples:

Here is a sample of one up close with a white flower:

And here is one with a blue flower:

The pics are not super clear, as we have not had the best weather lately. All in all I really liked how they came out. She seemed to like them too! They did consume a lot of my time, but I enjoyed making them. Plus, it is another paying gig, can't beat that!!

Now that these are complete, I have a few other projects to complete. I have 2 circle journals that are calling my name, the rest of my Got Sketch 104 LO's and I am now taking a Jenni Bowlin online class (that I am loving!!) I always have something scrappy going on! How 'bout you? How is your Summer going? If you live anywhere that is hot and sunny...please send it my way. I love Summer! I need Summer! Plus, my B-day is coming up and I pray that I will have a nice day!!!

Have a great weekend!!

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