Monday, May 30, 2011

Happy Memorial Day!

So proud AND blessed to live in the land of the free and the home of the brave!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Cupcakes Anyone?

Something that I have not done, in quite a while, has been to bake something from scratch. Not that I do not enjoy it, I just do not have the time (or energy!) most days. This past Friday I got some very sad news. It made me think that I just need to make time for the little things. I had come across a recipe for the Best Chocolate Cake earlier this week. It sounded yummy( and I figured I would make it someday). So I just went out and bought all of the ingredients. I woke up early this morning and literally whipped up 2 dozen cup-cakes.

I decided that instead of making a cake, that I would make cup-cakes. Frosted and covered in mini chocolate chips they were ready.

Ready to be tested by B, he waited patiently all day for me to frost them (while we finished all kinds of stuff around the house). I guess he liked them...

It is the little things in life...oh and chocolate is always good too! Ha!

Monday, May 23, 2011

i scrap

The reason I started scrapping was mainly to preserve my sons childhood memories, but also as a much needed creative outlet. I have always been a crafty person, ever since I was a child myself. It is so rewarding for me everytime my son pulls out an album to browse and says, 'I remember that!'. Love that! I also love to make stuff for others. Like this sweet little birthday hanging I made for a co-worker friends birthday yesterday. Made with some of my favorite things (Teresa Collins Celebrate line and Blingage Stamps!) She loved it!

Another thing I have enjoyed, is being part of a circle journal group and also a tag swapping group. The scrapbooking community is so generous, creative and welcoming, As I have found out by being in this tag swapping group. This time around, our theme was 'Secret Garden'. Here are my versions of that theme::
Here are all the versions that I recieved in return. Everyone had such a different, creative, beautiful version of that theme. Love them all!

The next tag swap will be a Summer theme. So excited! I love Summer!

Being creative is my obsession, my hobby. It makes me happy, very happy. Which is the reason i scrap.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Go Sox

Day two of Red Sox opening weekend 2011, we took a trip down to Fenway, just to enjoy the ambiance... ...and also, got to enjoy game 2 against the Yankees (Thanks to a very generous friend!)
Even though we lost (9-5), a great time was had by all.... How can you not be happy here? At THE 'catherdral of baseball'. Yes, that would be Fenway Park. Last weekend we headed to New York... see the Red Sox play the Yankees in the house of the enemy, otherwise known as Yankee Stadium.My man JB (Josh Beckett) was smokin' hot!
He and the boys smoked the Yankees. Yes we won 6-0. Yeah, we 'Beat NY'... their big, beautiful house. Boston is bettah!
Not only did the Red Sox win that night, they also won the day before AND the day after...a total sweep! Speaking of a Boston sweep... how about how Boston Rob totally swept and (finally!) won Survivor! Love it!Ohhh...Boston your my home.. :-)

Friday, May 6, 2011

It's been a while

It has definately been a while since I posted anything. Just know that I have been very busy. This obsessive scrapper may have gotten in a bit over her head. Taking two online sketch classes was a bit over whelming, but I just could not miss out on them. Two creative teachers and so many amazing sketches. These first 3 layouts are based on sketches by Valerie Salmon for Club Got Sketch.
Bryant has been around mycamera and my creative madness his whole life. He still, at the age of 11, loves to have his picture taken. Since my camera goes eveywhere that I do, on one of our daily walks I was able to get these fun random pics that soon became this layout:
How often do you get to use bright colors (even pink!) on a 'boy page'? It worked really well with this fun, almost cartoonish looking layout of B coloring Easter eggs this year. A yearly tradition at Grammy & Grampies house:

B really got spoiled by the Easter Bunny (again!) this year. I love these pics with all his loot, but I have to say that I am not really crazy about this particular layout. It's okay. Just okay. Just not one of my faves. It happens sometimes:

Last weekend was my yearly trek to CKC Manchester. Great retail therapy for the crafty soul...especially at the Studio Calico booth. Which is where I met the very talented Kelly Purkey. It was so cool to meet her and talk about the Sketchbook 3 class. I probably blabbed like a crazy woman, but she was very sweet:

Here are a couple more layouts that I have completed from KP's class. The first one, is about meeting KP
This next one I have to to say, is my favorite sketch/layout so far from KP's class. I love this pic of B and his unique sense of style:
I have got a few sketches left from both classes. I will get to them eventually. I may not even scrap this weekend. Yeah right! It is getting nice here and it is Mother's Day. I will definately being enjoying the nice weather and I always have my camera...right?

Happy Scrappin'!!!