Sunday, May 29, 2011

Cupcakes Anyone?

Something that I have not done, in quite a while, has been to bake something from scratch. Not that I do not enjoy it, I just do not have the time (or energy!) most days. This past Friday I got some very sad news. It made me think that I just need to make time for the little things. I had come across a recipe for the Best Chocolate Cake earlier this week. It sounded yummy( and I figured I would make it someday). So I just went out and bought all of the ingredients. I woke up early this morning and literally whipped up 2 dozen cup-cakes.

I decided that instead of making a cake, that I would make cup-cakes. Frosted and covered in mini chocolate chips they were ready.

Ready to be tested by B, he waited patiently all day for me to frost them (while we finished all kinds of stuff around the house). I guess he liked them...

It is the little things in life...oh and chocolate is always good too! Ha!

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mommy2alex said...

Sorry that you got bad news, sending you hugs!
Those cupcakes look delish!! I haven't done from scratch in ages, I'm a box kinda girl, but I always add a lil something to make them "mine"!