Monday, April 26, 2010

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Just another day at the beach...

Bryant & I love the beach. We would live at the beach if we could. Though we do not live at the beach, we do not live far from the beach and we can get there in less than an hour. Another plus for us is, my bff from childhood does live within walking distance of Plum Island beach in Newburyport, MA. So...we can go visit and hang out at the beach anytime we want. It is a win-win! This week is Bryant's school vacation and I had Monday (Patriot's Day) off. The weather was beautiful, and even though my friend Lisa had to work, her hub Mike was home, so we went to hang out with him. We had a nice lunch, watched the Sox game and spent lots of time at the beach. Here are a few pics of our day at the beach.


The sand was warm, but the water was cold!

B, pretending he is a winner on survivor:

We came across this little sculpture that someone had made out of driftwood. B was fascinated by it:
Trying my best to get a pic of us:

And a peek at my friend Mike watching our crazy antics...

It was a great day! I hope the weather stays nice, so that we can do this again real soon. We just can not get enough of the beach!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Janna's Week 12 Challenge

I scrapped this LO for Janna's week 12 challenge. I just may be doing a few of these out of order, but I am getting them done. The challenge is:

Dig into those hard to scrap pics you've been putting off...just DO IT! You might like it!

These are a few fun pics of Bryant playing basketball outside. Yes, he dressed himself. No more matchy-matchy clothes that Mom picks out. He is quite the fashion plate, I must say. I mean really...who can put together an orange polo shirt, a Garnett jersey, Red Sox shorts AND Patriot's crocs. I mean really. He totally can pull it off. Don't you agree???

Monday, April 12, 2010

Scrappy Fun 4 Me

This past weekend I got a little scrappin' in and I thought that I would share. As you all know, my baby, who I guess is really no longer a baby, turned ten last month. I took the pic below a couple of days after and just wanted to capture that moment in time. "Oh, they grow up so fast." How true it is! With this LO I normally would have concentrated on the green of his shirt, but instead I picked up on the red & gold and used only a touch of green. Very different for me. I did use a bunch of different Teresa Collins papers. I think there is a mixture of four different lines here. See how well they blend together:

The next 2 LO's are part of Janna's 52 Weeks of Stress Free Scrapbooking. The first one is for Challenge #14 which is:

Do something my yellow! It could be a color and accent...just something OUT OF YOUR BOX!

I also used yellow as my color of choice.It is a color that would not have normally been a part of this LO, but it did give it 'pop' and make it stand out more. I loved it. Definately not the norm for me.

This LO is two pics of Bryant I took a year apart from each other. Putting them side by side, I was amazed at how much he has grown. They were taken inside the big circles that are outside our local target store. The first was taken in September 2008 and the second was taken in September 2009. He went from little boy to almost pre-teen. It is crazy!

This next LO was for Challenge #13 which is:

Work it with your letter stickers...mix them up, create something fun and interesting!

So, of course I had to scrap the pic of Bryant meeting 'Fitzy' for the first time. Steve & I had met him last year and Bryant was not allowed to go (adults only) so he was kind of bummed out. He was so excited to meet him before we got there, but once we got there, he was little nervous seeing him IRL. I am so glad we were able to get this pic. It came out so good!

The lettering I used for the challenge were some old Basic Grey letter stickers (that I never seem to use) and some new Pink Paislee letters that I have been hoarding for a while. I normally would have concentrated on the navy & red for a matchy-matchy LO, but I went more for the neutral colors and accented with navy & red. Again very different for me.

I really am loving Janna's challenges. Check them out if you get a chance. I am getting a ton of LO's done and this makes me so HAPPY!

Happy Scrappin'!!!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

A Perfect Day

This past Saturday was the day before 'Opening Day' (and the day before Easter.) That would be Boston Red Sox baseball season Opening Day. So it was the day before it starts to get totally crazy in the Fenway Park area. We, my parents, Steve, Bryant and I thought that it would be the perfect day to head down to Boston for the afternoon.There were a couple of places that we wanted to check out before the season begins. The first would be 'Jerry Remy's Sports Bar & Grill.' It is owned by Jerry Remy, former Red Sox second baseman & now NESN Red Sox game commentator. We got here about 2:30. A perfect time between the lunch & dinner rush.

This was one view from our seats (Fenway Park):

They have awesome food:

...and yummy beer! My Dad, Steve & I had to check out the Remy's Red Ale. Yum!

This was the other view from our seats. The place is huge! Notice they had Nascar on the TV's...awesome!!

When we left Remy's. we walked over to check out the Grand Opening of Supah Fans new store in Kenmore Square. They have the coolest Boston sports t-shirts. You can check them out HERE (If you look closely, there is pic there of me!)

When we walked in, we were greeted by 'Fitzy' (aka Nick Stevens) our favorite New England sports comedian and host of NESN's show Pocket Money. Bryant was so excited to meet him, but was a bit in shock when he actually met him in person.

Here is Fitzy shaking my Dad's hand and my Dad realizing "Hey, your that guy from the TV show!"

Later, Fitzy asked the crowd 'Pocket Money' questions.

I believe this one was a Bruin's question.

There was lots of guessing and someone finally got it right. Who might that be...

My Dad! He won the shirt off Coach Kevin's back (the owner of the store). Here he is posing with Fitzy & Coach Kevin. The black Bruin's shirt is the one that he won.

Through out the whole time we were there Fitzy tried (many times) to have a conversation with Bryant and Bryant was so nervous that he kept hiding behind me. Someone had said that it looked like he was seeing Santa for the first time at the mall. I guess it kinda was. He did finally talk to him a bit and pose for this awesome pic:

It was the perfect day! It was beautiful outside. We had a great lunch. We got some awesome new t-shirts. We got to hang out with Fitzy for a while. And the best part of it all was that we got to spend a nice day together!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Merry East-mas?

Looks like the Easter Bunny really spoiled my little man! Wow! Thanks Easter Bunny...bok bok...!!!