Friday, February 29, 2008

Oh the Joy!!!

I have to say I have met some great people, that I can call friends through this great hobby called scrapbooking. One of my favorite new friends is Aleida Franklin . We have chatted and e-mailed a few times and I have to say that she is quite a hoot! She had to have the MS scallop heart punch that I was able to find at my local Michaels. YAY!!! She was totally doing the "Happy Dance" when she recieved it. That made me happy, too!!

Aleida turned me on to Studio Calico . LOVE it there! Great kits! AWESOME people! And fun message boards! One of the people I met there is Gilda . I mentioned that I was going to meet Donna Downey and she asked if I could get an autograph for her. Donna was more than happy to oblige. She ROCKS!! I sent it right out to Gilda. She was so psyched!! That made me happy!!

Oh and of course, I can not forget my fellow Tony Stewart fan, Kathy . She just had a new baby boy on January 1st. So the appropriate gift had to be this:

I so wish I had had one of these! So COOL! She was so psyched! She called me when it arrived. Loved talking to her. We definately have to chat again!

Seeing how happy they were just made me feel great! Glad to add a little happiness to your day girls!!! Enjoy!!!

PS-Stacy D. , don't forget I have a page kit for you too! I can not wait till you see it. It is so CUTE!!!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Hanging with Donna...

That is exactly what it felt like. I had the opportunity to take 2 classes with the AMAZING Donna Downey . She is so fun, energetic and down to earth. Felt like I was hanging out with an old friend. The first class I took was called my kind of "Beautiful". It was a layered mini book that we created with our own patterned paper and matching acrylic paint. Everyones was different and uniquely their own. Here are a few pics from mine:

The next class was called "unscripted". We actually made our own 6 X 12 mini book from scratch. I LOVED this! We used cardboard, acrylic paint, paper, paint chips, coin windows and transparencies. It was a very interesting combination. We also learned 2 new techniques (well, at least new to ME). The first was using crackle medium . Loved this process! It was actually a process of using 2 paint colors and the crackle. It gives it a cracked look. The finished product looks so COOL! I ended up going back and using it on my first project. You can see it in the pics above. The second was using the bind-it-all. I have to admit, I was very scared to try this machine. Once I got the hang of it, I thought it was the coolest thing! This little machine allows you to bind anything together to make your own mini books. I may have to get one of these! Again everyone used their own color choices. Here are some pics from my project:

I was so happy to have my friend Debbie join me in the "unscripted" class. She has been having a bit of a rough time lately. We had the best time! And she LOVED Donna:

I brought my 2 Donna idea books and she happily signed them for me:

Here I am with Donna. Can you believe she lives in the heart of Nascar country and she too, likes Tony Stewart ?! Very COOL!

Back in November, Donna did a Making Memories Noteworthy giveaway on her blog. I was the first winner. Check it out here and this is what I recieved. I was just amazed! I made her this little fold up album with some of the goodies I recieved. She LOVED it!

I literally spent the whole day with Donna and a few new friends that I met. I had the BEST time! I hope to do it again someday! Thanks Donna!! You ROCK!!!! :-)

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Rock Star

We are big Disney (shows) fans. Yes, I said "we". I think I have seen every episode of Hannah Montana, Cory in the House, Suite Life of Zach & Cody etc. We Love the shows and even I am excited when there is a "new" episode ( not a re-run!) Well, we could not miss out on seeing the Hannah Montana / Miley Cyrus in 3D movie. It was so cool! Aren't we cute in our 3D glasses?!!
Plus they previewed the new 3D U2 concert movie. I am soooooo excited for that! LOL!! :-)

I wanted to share a LO that I created monthes ago that I have never shared. It was a LO I created when I was applying for the inque boutique DT last Fall. I did not get picked, but I really LOVE this LO! What do you think?? My future Rock Star! :-)

Happy Sunday!!!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Do you ever HAVE to HAVE it???

You know when you see something in a magazine, online or on tv, just not in person. You get that "I gotta have it now" urge. I think we all have. My friend Aleida saw Martha Stewarts scalloped heart punch. She had to have it! She was obsessed and on a mission. She put the word out to just about everyone she knows. Friends and family. I found it at my local Michael's for her. I was so excited! The last one! I wanted to do the "Happy Dance" right there in the isle. You all know what I mean. So here it is:

Yes, I printed out the picture and brought it with me. Aleida, it will be in the mail tomorrow. So happy to help!! Now we have to see what you create with this little treasure. WOO HOO!!!!!!!

Monday, February 18, 2008

Feeling a bit Artsy Lately....

I Love to doodle. It was one of favorite pastimes when I was in highschool. All over my paper book covers. I always liked to draw. I was always attacted to all forms of art. Well, doodling (along with stamps and paint) has caught my eye again. I have been inspired by many things that I have seen lately and so I created my first "Art Journal". Here is the cover:

I love how it came out. I have been painting and drawing and yes, doodling inside. Maybe I will share soon.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Showing the Love

Today is all about LOVE and sharing the LOVE. I wanted to share some projects I created over the past few years, focusing on just that, LOVE. This is a little box book that I just ccompleted to hold copies of the many Love Notes that my son Bryant writes to me. He is so SWEET!

I wanted to be able to preserve these special little love notes forever.

Doesn't it look cute and colorful with all the Stampin' Up stamps and the Bo Bunny paper?!!

I also wanted to share some Valentine LO's that I still just LOVE!!! First, My angel baby. Yes, this is a picture of my son when he was 11 months old. I just love, love, love this pictue!! :-)

This is a picture that captures another one of Bryant's love notes to Mama. SO SWEET!

This one I just adored! I Love You, Too!!

This one documents a musical card that he got me last year that played the song "Wild Thing". Love that card!!
I have included this LO too. Again, using Bo Bunny paper. I LOVE this paper! Mom's Sweetheart! How CUTE is this picture?!!!!

Enjoy this day of LOVE! Happy Valentines Day!!!!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

100th Blog Post Prize

NO this is not my 100th post. Almost, but not quite. I wanted to show this very CUTE prize that I won from Erin B's blog. A giveaway she had for her 100th post. 100 embelishments. How SWEET is this little box with a "D" monogram! I LOVE it!

Look at all the goodies inside! I am really into Black & White and Cream & white right now, so these embellies are PERFECT! This picture just does not do it justice. There are gems, felt, bling and flowers galore! I was so excited to discover all this treasure!

Thanks Erin for sending a little Arizona SUNSHINE to a dreary wintery New England. YOU made my day!!! :-)

***Congrats Erin!! May you have 100 MORE posts!***

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Scrap My World

Have you seen ALL the crafting going on out there??? CHA is coming and the scrapbook world is a buzzing. Some of my FAVORITE crafty people have some AWESOME stuff coming our way. Check it out here , here and here . These gals always inspire me! I also can not wait to see the new stuf from Heidi Swapp , Elsie and Tim Holtz ! So exciting! Speaking of crafting, check out what Pam has been doing and the pages that Debbie has created for Ink About It . (I saw them all on display Debbie and they are AWESOME!) Can not wait to get together with you gals to crop next week! I just discovered a really cool artist through Janna 's blog. Her name is Donna Salazar . Check out her blog. She so ROCKS!! I really need to get scrapping myself! I have a few projects that are sill in the works. You did not think any time would go by that I wasn't working on SOMETHING, did you? I did get my kits today from Studio Calico . This was my first purchase from them. Oh I am feeling so inspired! The gals at this site are so friendly and welcoming. I LOVE the kits! Thanks ladies!! Thanks for the recommendation Aleida!! Isn't it PRETTY?!!
Today was also the 1st day to register for CKC-Manchester. I looked through the list of classes, but I did not see anything that caught my eye. The best part of CKC is the vendor fair. Oh how I LOVE to shop! Like I really need anymore stuff. No I do not need...I want! :-)

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Superbowl Sunday

Tonight the Pats lost the Superbowl. What a bummer. Congrats to the Giants. At least Eli will no longer just be Paytons brother. They are now both Superbowl champions. Their parents must be so proud!I did want to share a few things that have made me smile lately. I found out today that I won this on Erin B's blog. How exciting! Also, I got a call from Kathy my fellow Tony Stewart fan and scrapbook artist friend this week. She recieved my gift for baby Quinn. WE had a great chat! We must do that again! AND last, but not least, here are a couple more HOT pics of Tom Brady:

He still makes me smile!!


Friday, February 1, 2008


Look what I won today! I won this cute girlie Patriot hat in the drawing at work today. WOO HOO! Though this is exciting, it is not as exciting as......

IN case you are unaware, this is Tom Brady. The BEST quarterback in football!! I never thought of him as a "hottie", but these!!!

These are a couple of the tame pics. There are others that are hotter.....