Thursday, May 28, 2009

AND even more...

...colorful LO's. This is the last group of LO's I did for Eye For Design-Color Creative the online class that I took from the very creative Christy Tomlinson. I can not say it enough, I LOVED this class. I love to use lots of color and lots of stuff. Very artsy fartsy and this class pushed me way outside the box. New color schemes and lots of places to find inspiration. I am sad that the class is over, but I got a lot done and have lots of ideas for creating many more projects. I also used tons of paper/embellishment combo's from my many Scarlet Lime kits!

On to the final LO's...

The color scheme for this one was orange, aqua, navy, cream/white and red/pink. Since this LO is a 'boy' page, I only used a wee bit of pink (in the heart). We are diehard Red Sox fans in this house and we love our Jason Bay #44! Look how I scrapped this picture. So differnt than I would have a few weeks ago (and I love it!):

The color scheme here was red. aqua, yellow, green, white/cream, pink and orange. This is a picture of me at about 2 1/2 years old. My parents Christmas card photo in 1969 (before my sister was born. I love how cute and girly the picture is and I got to go 'all out' on this one:

The color scheme for this one was white/cream, navy, silver and bright pink. This is a picture of me that Bryant took this past Winter, sporting my fab-u-lous new coat. Oh Denise ....I used another one of your pretty embellies...

For the next LO I used my awesome May add on kit from Studio Calico with a few of my own embellies thrown in! Loved these colors:

The color scheme here was aqua/teal, yellow, green, brown and cream/white. Took some cute pics of Bryant on a nice sunny day. Planned on using dandylions (but the lawn had just been mowed) and ended up using a sunflower (my favorite) instead:

The last color scheme was coral, blue, green, cream, burgandy, brown and a little bit of black. I took this picture of Bryant at my parents house. They have this sweet little rock garden in their front yard. So pretty and perfect for pictures...LOL! This LO may be one of my faves to date! Lots of layering, lots of stuff. I think I may have been channeling my inner Liz -LOVE anything she creates!!

This was a very COOL class. Next best thing to taking a class from Christy in person. Someday! It's on the list. I am really starting to dig online classes. Use your own supplies, lots of resources and tons of inspiration. I think that my next one will be this. Love, love, love anything Jenni!

Tomorrow is Friday. WOO HOO! I am heading to a crop to go scrap (I hope!) and be very creative (I hope!) with my fellow BASBer Ms. Anne . Looking forward to just getting out, having some laughs and eating some chocolate. I hope to have lots to show you after the fact. Keep the mojo coming and have an awesome weekend!!!

Monday, May 25, 2009

I am an admitted TV junkie

This gal is a bit of a tv junkie. Well, primetime anyways. So many favorite shows, so little time. Thank God for DVR's! Now that it is May and my fave's have come to an end. Let's review a few of those favorites. As of the past couple of years, I have become a huge Survivor fan. This time it came down to my two favorites to win, Stephen and JT. Complete opposite upbringings. Stephen from NYC and JT from Alabama:

They really worked well together:

And both cleaned up well. Here is Stephen:

And here is JT:

The jury voted 100% for JT. I was so happy!

Next is American Idol. I admit I have only watched the show over the past few years and have become addicted. This year my faves were Danny:

And Matt:

It came down to Adam and Chris. Chris being the winner. I was happy for him too!

Oh....did you happen to see my favorite idol? He sang Permanant, which has been my background music for weeks. He looked and sounded AMAZING!!!

Some of my other favorites are Lost. The show that answers 1 question and gives you 20 more! OMG!
And 24...Jack Bauer is the best. This year they brought back Tony. It was AWESOME!
And last, but not least, Prison Break. This was actually the series finally. This show kept me on the edge of my seat every week and the finale was no different!

As you can see, I really like drama, mystery and suspense. Some of my other guilty pleasures are CSI (all of them!), NCIS and Fringe. Looking forward to the new episodes in the Fall. But don't fret...some of my favorite shows are on in the summer too! Saving Grace, Rescue Me and The Closer. As I said I am a TV junkie. How 'bout YOU???

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

More Colorful Layouts

I wanted to share my week 2 LO's from Eye For Design-Color Creative, the very cool online class that I am taking. I am really digging this class. Finding inspiration in new ways and color combos that are new to me. I am even scrapping different and I LOVE it!

The first color combo is yellow, green, orange and pink. I have a few favorite childhood pics that I have been wanting to scrap. Here is a pic of me at 3yrs. old and my sister at a few months old:

The next color combo was yellow, purple, blue, red and pink. This is a great pic of my sister, grandmother, mother, nephew and me taken many years ago, but what a treasure!

This color combo was green, yellow, black, cream and brown. I love this pic of me and my sister. I was 5 years old then and she was two. I know I have scrapped this picture before, but I decided on a 're-do'. I really like how this one came out much better:

Week 3 (the final week) has started and I am already planning my newest LO's. These LO's have consumed a lot of my scrappy time and I have fallen behind on a couple of challenges that I do still want to work on. So many projects so little time. Too bad scrappin' wasn't my job! LOL!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Tony Rocks!!

I have two hobbies. Both make me extremely happy and get me very excited at times. One of course, is scrapbooking and the other is Nascar. Especially anything to do with my man, Tony Stewart. I have been a Tony fan for many years now. I do not know what drew me to him and made him 'my guy' (maybe it is the bad boy image?), but he is and I support him no matter what.This year he started his own team. There were many people out there that did not think he could make it on his own (after being the driver of the Home Depot #20 car for ten years.) He has been showing up those doubters by kicking ass every week. This week was the 'All Star Race. This is basically a race for the best with a million dollar payday. Tony won the race! There was a lot of yelling and jumping around in my livingroom last night.

Yes, I was proud.

Yes, I was happy.

Tony ROCKS!!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Hanging out with Marah

Today, I got to take a class with the very creative, very talented, Marah Johnson of Creative Imaginations fame. Just another one of those 'once in a lifetime' opportunities:

Here is my version of the very cool book we made. What an AMAZING project. Believe it or not, this all came together in a matter of 2 hours. It sure was crazy! And Marah, she is the best! Very outgoing and funny. This book is unique, fun and very summer-ey. This will be a great Summer beach pictures memoire. The colors are perfect. I really LOVE it!

Speaking of color, I wanted to share another LO from the Eye For Design-Color Creative online class that I am taking. This time the colors were yellow, blue, brown and cream. I decided to do a LO of Bryant with Daddy. I got this great pic of them last month on our day trip to Lincoln, NH.:

I know. I always have a project going on. I am already behind on the class LO's from this week. I'm working on it! I really had a great afternoon with Marah and I met some great creative ladies, that I am sure I will see again...
***Anne I missed you today!!!***

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Embellishment Swap

I was so lucky to be able to take part in the fabulous embellishment swap over at Studio Calico. Oh, and not just any embellishments, but homemade ones. I decided to swap with 2 people. I must be crazy right? But it was all in creative fun. As luck would have it, I was paired up up with not one, but two of my BASB sisters. I was so psyched! I was paired up with the very lovely Judi and the very beautiful Denise . Ready to see what we made?

I created this first set for Judi. I used used pinks and greens and actual dictionary pages with a bit of bling thrown in for good measure. I wanted these to be very girly, but not overly (she has 2 daughters) and to also have a vintage feel to them:

I created this set for Denise. Though they are similar, I wanted to change them up a bit. It is amazing what color can do. I created Denise's with bright orange and aqua, but also added the dictionary pages. I thought this would be a more modern/vintage look. Plus, she can use them on girl or boy pages:

These beauties, I recieved from Judi. Felt, stitching, buttons and in colors I really LOVE! Thanks for these Judi! They are BEAUTIFUL!!

And speaking of beautiful, these arrived from Denise, just today. Wow!! Right??!! I already put a couple aside for a current LO:

This was a lot of fun. Plus, who doesn't like happy mail? LOL! I can't wait to use all my unique goodies and to see what the gals create with theirs!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Color my world...or at least my LO's

Last week I signed up for an online class with the very creative Christy Tomlinson over at Got Crafts. I have been a fan of Christy's for a while now. I LOVE my Scarlet Lime kit that I recieve every month. The way she puts together paper and embellishment is so very unique. Oh and the colors! Speaking of color, that is what this class is all about, color and the different combinations that she puts together are quite different than I may choose. I wanted to share the LO's I did with the color combos from week one. The cool thing about this class is I am challenging myself to use different color combos and LO styles. Not my norm and I LOVE it! I also get use lots of stuff from my stash, along with stuff from my old Scarlet Lime kits. The first color combo was lt & dk purple, red, cream. This was a picture of my son taken right before we headed into his 3rd grade school concert last week. I thought he is starting to look so grown up:

This color combo was red, green, yellow, cream, grey. I used these colors to scrap a picture of Bryant on his 7th birthday with his 'Cars' cake:

The third color combo was yellow, red, cream, brown. This picture was taken on the night he got this new hat and sunglasses. We were goofing around in the Men's department at Macy's while Daddy was looking for a new wallet:

I am really loving this class and looking forward to the new color combos of this week. Come check it out. The class is called Eye For Design-Color Creative. It is being offered over at the Got Crafts? site.

I hope everyone had a very Happy Mothers Day! I got spend the day with my family over at my Mom's. Though I get to see my Mom just about every week. It was nice to just spend the day with family and hang out. This LO is an oldie but goodie that I made of me and my mom a couple of years ago (but I still LOVE it!)

Today starts a new week and we (again!) are suppose to have a lot of rain. That just means more time for scrapping, right?
Happy Monday!!!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Swap Challenge

I have been playing along, doing some scrap challenges, with a bunch of talented ladies who have been challenging each other, just for fun (and to get some scrapping done!) The challenge this time around was an embellishment swap. Names were drawn and we were to send that person some embellies from our own stash and they were to create a LO with it. I recieved mine from Keri. Here are the goodies she sent me:

I love all these items (especially the little file folders-great for hidden journaling). Though I like pink, I do not always go for it, because most of my scrapping is about my son Bryant. I worked it out though, 'cause I have been wanting to scrap this picture of Bryant & Rhianna from two Summers ago. Rhianna is Steve's cousins daughter. So Bryant and Rhianna are second cousins. This picture was taken while we were on vacation in Florida and it was actually the first time they had met. You would never know it though. Seemed like they had always known each other:

I used a little of everything that Keri sent and I really loved the result. I can not wait to see what Melinda did with the items that I sent her!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Happy National Scrapbooking Day

Yes, there is an actually day to celebrate scrapbooking and I LOVE it!! Today I have been playing along with the gals over at Studio Calico. The DT there has some great challenges and prizes. How FUN!! Here are some of my entries. This first LO falls under Davinie's handstitch on a page challenge and Nic's use at least three pattern papers on a LO. So here is my LO about my favorite son (yes I only have one!) LOL! Lots of goodies from last months SC kit:

This LO is for Nik's challenge to use ledger/graph paper on a LO. I have been sooooooo wanting to scrap these pics from last Fall:

This was for Tina C's 'embrace the white space' challenge. I must admit this was my hardest challenge. the simplest LO. I guess tend to complicate my LO's. I like lots of stuff. I was quite pleased with the result too:

This one was for Stephanie's 'old is new again' challenge. The old thing would be the picture of me and my sister from when we were little. We were so cute:

I am still working on one more, but I do not know if I will make the deadline. I have had so much fun with these. I am always up for a good challenge. I hope you got to do something fun today and in that, I mean scrap. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!!!