Sunday, May 17, 2009

Tony Rocks!!

I have two hobbies. Both make me extremely happy and get me very excited at times. One of course, is scrapbooking and the other is Nascar. Especially anything to do with my man, Tony Stewart. I have been a Tony fan for many years now. I do not know what drew me to him and made him 'my guy' (maybe it is the bad boy image?), but he is and I support him no matter what.This year he started his own team. There were many people out there that did not think he could make it on his own (after being the driver of the Home Depot #20 car for ten years.) He has been showing up those doubters by kicking ass every week. This week was the 'All Star Race. This is basically a race for the best with a million dollar payday. Tony won the race! There was a lot of yelling and jumping around in my livingroom last night.

Yes, I was proud.

Yes, I was happy.

Tony ROCKS!!


Mye said...

Hey, girl...thinking of you every day I drive by the Speedway (Indy 500) is this coming weekend and traffic is getting bananas!!

moonlightgrrl said...

not a Tony fan (i am more partial to Jr, bet even that is not in a fanatical way), but i totally get (and love) how you support him no matter what. i feel the same way about my SF Giants. yay Tony (and you) for the win and proving the nay-sayers wrong. :-)

aimee said...

don't know much about racing thing...but GO TONY!

Anonymous said...

HAHAHAHA You sound like one happy gal. I'm glad he won. Do you know how to pick'em or what!!


Denise said...

I know not a thing about racing, but I will give out a YAHOO just for you.

Oh and my little nieghbor, Pippi, will be at the 500 this weekend. I thought of you immediately when I heard that. :o)