Monday, May 25, 2009

I am an admitted TV junkie

This gal is a bit of a tv junkie. Well, primetime anyways. So many favorite shows, so little time. Thank God for DVR's! Now that it is May and my fave's have come to an end. Let's review a few of those favorites. As of the past couple of years, I have become a huge Survivor fan. This time it came down to my two favorites to win, Stephen and JT. Complete opposite upbringings. Stephen from NYC and JT from Alabama:

They really worked well together:

And both cleaned up well. Here is Stephen:

And here is JT:

The jury voted 100% for JT. I was so happy!

Next is American Idol. I admit I have only watched the show over the past few years and have become addicted. This year my faves were Danny:

And Matt:

It came down to Adam and Chris. Chris being the winner. I was happy for him too!

Oh....did you happen to see my favorite idol? He sang Permanant, which has been my background music for weeks. He looked and sounded AMAZING!!!

Some of my other favorites are Lost. The show that answers 1 question and gives you 20 more! OMG!
And 24...Jack Bauer is the best. This year they brought back Tony. It was AWESOME!
And last, but not least, Prison Break. This was actually the series finally. This show kept me on the edge of my seat every week and the finale was no different!

As you can see, I really like drama, mystery and suspense. Some of my other guilty pleasures are CSI (all of them!), NCIS and Fringe. Looking forward to the new episodes in the Fall. But don't fret...some of my favorite shows are on in the summer too! Saving Grace, Rescue Me and The Closer. As I said I am a TV junkie. How 'bout YOU???


Denise said... may not know this, but I love David Cook. There...whew...I feel better getting that off my chest. LOL! OK...I'm weird.

Loved Prison Break and am sad that it is over. I only have a few things I watch, but I like Bones and Dexter, but I have to wait for DVD for that one. Oh and have you seen The Exterminators? That show cracks me up.

Ki said...

I'm with you on the reality ones! I don't watch any of the drama ones that you do though - Lost drove me nuts! Hey, Big Brother is starting up again - are you a fan? I LOVE that show!!