Monday, December 28, 2009

A Christmas Story that 'they' will never let me forget!

This was the family Christmas card back in 1969. I was two and a half years old. This is B.A.D (before Aunt Debbie, I tell Bryant). This was the year I got coal in my stocking. As the story goes, my Mom and Dad took me Christmas shopping at Rich's Department store in Nashua, NH (which no longer exists). My parents had heard a rumor that Santa was in the area. They were pushing me around in the cart, hoping for me to meet Santa. Guess what? Santa just happened to be there, shopping himself that day. They were so excited for me. That is when it all goes downhill. Santa walks over to us. He tried to shake my hand and say hello. I looked him straight in the eye and said "My Daddy will beat you up!" Oh my! My parents were in shock. They have no idea where that came from. They laugh about it now. Out of the mouths of babes. Oh, and I get reminded of it every year. Not just at Christmas! I am sure there is a story about my sister, somewhere in the past, that is just as bad. Til I find it, it is all about me....

Friday, December 11, 2009

just catchin' up

I know it has been a while and I wanted to catch you all up on a few things that have been making me truly happy lately. Starting with David Cook. I mean really, how could this handsome guy not make a gal smile. he was recently on Carrie Underwood's holiday tv special last week. Though he sang a song I am not that crazy about....he still looked good singing it. LOL!

A couple of my co-workers 'dragged' me out on the town. Okay, I really wanted to go out and we had a blast! I really need to cut loose more often..

This gorgeous necklace was made by the fabulous Janna Wilson. It was an early Christmas present from my friend Heather (long story) and I have an outfit planned all around it to wear to my work Christmas party tonight!

As you all know, I am a huge Nascar fan (no really?) Well, one of my favorite sales reps in Charlotte, N.C. (from work), sent me pics of the Nascar Hall of Fame. The building is still in progress and is scheduled to open in May 2010. We can not wait to go to Charlotte and check it out. What a funky looking building

A view of the front:

A few weeks ago my work held a Christmas card contest for kids of employees 10 & under. The theme was Winter in New England. Bryant entered his 'cool snowman' pic. Though he did not win, he and all the other kids got $10 gift cards for Target. You would of thought he won the lottery. Very cool indeed!

A couple weeks back Bryant had a shopping day at school. The children were allowed to bring in a small amount of money to buy gifts for their parents, greandparents, siblings, etc. The presents he bought were fine....except this one. A Tiger Woods card (for Grampy). He knows my Dad likes to golf and he has been teaching Bryant a bit too. This was just bad timing. The card actually says "Tiger's Tales". I will just leave that one alone. We will just get Grampy something else..
Here is my lovely gift. A #1 Mom bracelet. I love it and will wear it even if my wrist turns green. I know these gifts were suppose to be for Christmas, but my child has no patience. LOL!
Tomorrow I am heading to a Pats football game with my friend Debbie. I am so over the top excited. It is going to cold out, but I don't care any chance to see the boys IRL and I am there! See this pom pom hat below. I want it! I have been trying find one, for like forever, to no avail. It is very popular I guess and in limited quanity. But the search goes. I will keep looking. I am determined...

I have also been working on this, my December Daily. Below is the cover. I promise to post pics of the inner pages as soon as I can. There is just not enough daylight to get good pics lately, but I will soon.
Okay...last, but not least, I signed up for this:
Yes, Teresa Collins Inspired Unlimited event. If you have not heard of this, you need to go check out her blog. I missed it the last 2 years and this year I decided to treat myself. Merry Christmas to ME! I am so excited!!
Well that is all for now. I know it is alot, but I guess I really am a busy chica!
Have a great weekend AND