Saturday, May 31, 2008

Perfect Day

What would be your 'Perfect Day'? Perfect Day is the challenge over at Scrapping the Music this week. I admit I have never heard the song before, but it was very catchy and it got me thinking...

What would I do on a perfect day? I made a list and a sketch and I knew the perfect picture. Of course, I had to scrap it! I took this picture of myself at a Nascar race last Summer. It was a BEAUTIFUL day and I was really happy just to be there. I didn't want to forget the moment. So...I have had this picture for a while and have been waiting for the 'perfect' time to use it. Here is the LO I came up with:

This was my original sketch. I changed it up a bit, but I was quite pleased with the result.

Tonight it will be a little Sex....and the City that is!! Going to check out the flick with my BFF. I really miss the show, but I am so looking forward to the movie. Have a wonderful weekend!!!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

David Cook - Guitar Hero Commercial

I won't lie...I LOVED the original (and still do!) with Tom Cruise, but I can not get me enough of David Cook!!!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Not feeling very well the last couple of days. Damn stuffed up nose and cough! Wanted to get a lot more scrapping done this past weekend, but I just was not up to it. Well, let me rephrase that. My mind was up to it (remember scrapping is always on my mind!), but the rest of me was was not. I did manage to get one LO completed. I was quite happy with how it turned out. No plan (or sketch here) just winging it this time. Going with the flow. Though that flow was all afternoon, at least I completed it. Just a couple of pics of my boyfriend Steve and our son Bryant at a Boston Bruins Alumni game. I don't have a lot of great pics of them together, so this was FUN! What'ya think? I used so much stuff (Kaiser paper, Hambly Transparency, Maya Road chipboard star, Rusty Pickle letters, Teresa Collins Extreme Boy Blingz, Fiskars Treading Water punch, Studio Calico and other odd stamps, etc, I said LOTS of stuff. Hope to have more to show you soon, but now I need to (get my date back from Denise-LOL!!!) and go to bed. Good night!! :-)

Sunday, May 25, 2008

A Little Scrappin' Goodness

One of my favorite scrapbookers out there is the very talented and very cute Nancy Vandenberg . Her work is AMAZING!!! So when she offers a little workshop I had to check it out. She makes the most beautiful cards. Here is my version of her latest tutorial. What do you think? I got to use some of my favorite Basic Grey 'Scarlet Letter'. I was pretty happy with how it turned out. Thanks Nancy for your continued inspiration. You ROCK! Girl!!!

Also wanted to share some Happy Mail I recieved on Saturday. Somehow I was missed on a free add on gift with purchase for May, but it was caught by the amazing ladies at Studio Calico . They contacted me and sent it right out. Did I mention how much I LOVE it there. We all take care of each other. It is a great online community. You should check it out! Check out my FREE goodies! YUM!!!

Hope you are all having a great weekend! Back to scrappin' and I will be busy watching the Coca Cola 600 in Charlotte tonight. Go Tony!! Go JR!!

Saturday, May 24, 2008


Yesterday another one of my favorite (former sales rep, now a regional manager) stopped by the home office for a visit. He lives in the Rochester, NY area and we are located in NH. He came bearing gifts. Large jars of candy to be exact for some of his favorite co-workers. Yay me!! The only one in my department. HA! He said it was for all times he has name dropped (ie-call Dawn and tell her I sent you..) Haha! He really is a great guy. A great listener and great to talk to. A great Family guy too. I love that about him. It was so good to see him in person and get a big hug. Plus who doesn't like candy?? :-)
Speaking of (eye) candy...the finale ROCKED!! Loved when David sang "Sharp Dressed Man" with ZZ Top. LOVED when the guys sang with Bryan Adams. LOVED when they sang with George Michael. It was an 80's fest and I loved it! Last night the top 10 were all on Larry King. It was kind of cool seeing them together and just talking, away from the idol show. I probably will not see the idol tour, but just wait to see David Cook when he is touring. I got to see Chris Daughtry on his tour last year and he was AMAZING!!!

My son Bryant said to me "Mom, you are always singing. You sing in the car. You sing along with the tv. You know every song. You are always singing.." What can I say. I LOVE music. I am not a great singer. Music just makes me feel good. He was satisfied with that answer. Phew!!! :-)

Anyways, last night we went to a Boston Bruins Alumni game against the NH State Troopers. It was a lot of FUN! The Bruins (to put it nicely) kicked the troopers butts!! 16-8! They were playing with them. They were having a good time. It was so funny to watch. Here is a cute picture I took of Steve and Bryant at the game. I already have a couple of sketch ideas I want to try out when I scrap this. LOL! Scrapping is ALWAYS on my mind. I hope to do a bunch this weekend. Happy LONG weekend!! WOO HOO!!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Happy (Hour) Mail

I got a little 'Happy Hour' mail today. Extremely happy for me that is. I have to say, I really love my job. If I won the lottery, would I quit? Well, DUH!! Hell ya!! I am not totally crazy...yet. LOL!! But... since that hasn't happened yet I would have to say I have a pretty good time at work. Let me explain. I work for a medical supply company in the sales admin department. My job is kind of unique. Some of our sales teams are allowed to put our products on consignment with hospitals. In order to do that there is paperwork and keeping track of everything. That is where I come in. It seems quite simple, but it isn't always. I am the helping, calming, voice of reason. Or so I am told. I talk with our sales reps and their managers everyday (some more than others!) and I have made some great friends all over this great country of ours. It is so cool when we get to meet in person. What fun I have talking on the phone (and actually doing some work!) everyday. I truly have made some great friends and I LOVE that. Don't get me wrong, there are many stressful busy times, where projects must be done, but it is all worth it when a rep or manager tells you how thankful they are for you. That makes it all worth while! So today I came home to this. A couple of six packs and a thanks from one of our regional managers. (insert a HUGE smile here!) It probably cost him more to ship this than the beer actually cost, but it did not matter to him. He just wanted to buy me a drink..or 2..or 12. Hehehe! You would not believe how many of them have a running tab...hahaha! So at this point I have had 2 beers, so excuse me if there are any typos. WOO HOO!!!! :-)

Also, tonight we will finally find out who "THE IDOL" is. Steve and I voted for 4 straight hours last night and we (combined) got through over 100 times. Oh Yea!! Rock on David Cook! This household LOVES you no matter what!!

Well, I must eat dinner now..and I think that I will have another beer. Life is GOOD!! :-)

****EDIT****Life continues to be GOOD!! That was an AWESOME finale!!! Rock on DAVID COOK!!! WOO HOO!!!****
1davidcook.jpg david cook picture by scagle06

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Rock The Vote

Vote for David Cook TONIGHT!!!!
Nuff said.
Good Night All.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

CKC-Manchester, NH 2008

This weekend was the Creating Keepsakes Convention. Though I was not taking any classes and I really do not have any $$ to spend, I did not want to miss out. So My friend Deb, Bryant and I headed up to Manchester to check it out. I have to say that Bryant was a good boy for the most part. We got to do a couple of make-n-takes and he LOVED that!

This is my friend Deb and I. We always have a good time.

This is my BFF Stacy and her co-worker friend Sarah. Sarah, I found out is a HUGE David Cook fan too. She totally gets it. So of course I really liked this girl!!

Here is Deb and I with the FABULOUS Debbie Hill. Pam we missed you!! We really need to all get together and scrap REAL SOON!!

I LOVE this pic of Debbie, Debbie H and I! Debbie H. I put it in Black & White just for you! :-)

Okay, so I was really planning on spending NO $$, but I did come across this. I have been wanting the Dude papers by Prima for months. I only bought one sheet of each and one other piece of paper that completes my Kaiser paper Rough & Tough line. In total I spent $5. I was happy with that! My friend Deb on the other hand...we won't go there. LOL!

I did see Teresa Collins new Travelogue line. It truly is exquisite in person!! There was not much of it left and I have to say, what was left had been handled quite a bit. It was not in the best shape. Bent and beat up. I like my paper pristine! I will definately be getting this later! This will be perfect to document my vacation.

These are a couple of make-n-takes from the local scrapbook stores and a cool glitter demo sample:
All in all we had a GREAT time.
It was good to just get out and enjoy the day!

Because, WE had to get home for this:
The Nascar All Star race. It is a 'no points' race, but it is a huge deal! The winner gets a Million Bucks and huge bragging rights. It is very COOL! Not all drivers get to be in it. You have to have won a race. The others who haven't, get to have a a pre-race and the 1st and 2nd place winners get to transfer in to the All Star. There is also a fan vote to get another driver into the race who did not earn his way in. This year the fan vote went to Kasey Kahne and guess what?? He won the whole darn thing! The million bucks. The bragging rights. Very COOL! I am happy for him! :-)

Friday, May 16, 2008

Happy Birthday Aleida!!!!

Happy Birthday to YOU,
Happy Birthday to YOU,
Happy Birthday SWEET Aleida,
Happy Birthday to YOU!!!!!!

I hope you have a FABULOUS Birthday!!
So glad to call you my friend!!
Love Ya Girl!!!!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Oh Yeah!!!


(WOO HOO!!!!!)
ROCK ON!!!!!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Live Out Loud

Okay, everyone, tonight is the night. One of the last times that we can all vote on this years American Idol. As you all know, our house is all about David Cook. Snagged these pics of Bryant jamming along with David. He was so into it! It was so CUTE!! Of course I had to scrap them! So here is my newest 'rockin' LO:

I am so glad to hear that everyone had a wonderful Mothers Day, myself included. I wanted to share the cards I made. This is the one that I made for Steve's Mom. She LOVED it!

And this one for my Mom. She LOVED hers also!

All for now. I hope you all have a GREAT week!! Don't forget to vote for David Cook tonight!! LOL!! I MEAN IT-VOTE FOR DAVID COOK!!! :-)
***WOW! It was tough getting through tonight, but I did it!! I got through 12 times!! WOO HOO!!!!!***

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mothers Day

Happy Mothers Day to ALL the BEAUTIFUL Moms out there!!!!

Bryant made me this FAB poem and portrait:

He is quite the artiste! The portrait kinda looks like me. Very impressive!!

Check out the poem. It basically says that I am cute, I smell good and I have pretty shoes. These are 3 GREAT things for a woman AND a Mom to have. LOL!!!
I didn't want to forget my Mom. I made this LO last year. It still makes me SMILE! I LOVE my Mom!! She is one of my BEST friends!!

Have a wonderful day! Make time for YOU! ENJOY!! Happy Happy Mothers Day!!!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Happy Birthday and Happy Day

So many good things happening! Where do I begin? Well...yesterday my May Studio Calico kit arrived along with the anticipated add on, that I have been waiting for. Look at all this AWESOME stuff:

Oh and speaking of Studio Calico ..a couple of gals are celebrating their Birthdays today. Happy Birthday Laura!

And Happy Birthday Erin!

I hope you BOTH have a WONDERFUL day!!!

Today I got a couple of sweet e-mails. One from my friend Aleida, just because. Thanks girl! And one from a co-worker/friend from Nashville, who sent me a great article on HIM. Aren't these GREAT pics!
Ladies LOVE Country Boys!!
Some more HAPPINESS...David Cook is in the top 3!! I guess my votes did count! LOL!! Rock on Sweetie!!!

AND last, but not least, GOOD LUCK in your play tonight and tomorrow Julia! You are the CUTEST Tinkerbell EVA!!!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Rock On...

Okay, so tonight was 'Hall of Fame' rock night on American Idol. Perfect for my Favorite Idol rocker. (Second only to Chris Daughtry!) Well..okay, let's break it down. The first song 'Hungry Like the Wolf' by Duran Duran was not one of his best. BUT...I did say he could sing anything and I would be happy. The first thing that got me (and Stacy YOU will totally feel me on this!) He was born the year that this song came out! That would be 1982! OMG! Trying not to feel OLD here. I remember going to see DD in concert in the mid 80's! Sigh.

Anyways onto the second song 'Teenage Wasteland' by 'The Who'. (This song will always remind me of CSI NY!) He totally ROCKED this one! Back on track. I really can not wait to see him live. He rocks my world! I know, I know, I am almost old enough to be his mother.

I voted tonight and I actually got through TEN times!! WOO HOO!! Go David (Cook) Go!!!

David Cook took on the lesser known Neil Diamond song I'm Alive for his first song, which Neil said gave him goose bumps!

Monday, May 5, 2008

I'm a Fiskateer!!

I am now officially Fiskateer #3366. I joined a while ago, but I am now official. Fiskars has a GREAT craft site that everyone can join. Check it out. There are so many talented ladies over there. Check out the HAPPY mail that they sent me today:

I wanted to share a couple of LO's that I worked on over this weekend to celebrate 'Scrapbooking Day'. This first one is to celebrate Bryant's 100th day of 2nd grade. Don't ya just love the COOL shades??!

I used the fun, colorful, items that came in my April add on kit (called Snapdragon) from Studio Calico . So many Yummy colors!!

The next LO was based on the following sketch. I saw this sketch months ago on my fellow Paper Jam Studio DT member, Tina 's blog. I LOVED it and have been waiting for just the right time to use it.

This sketch, along with the FAB new "Office Lingo" line by Pink Paislee, Quickutz and some Stampin' Up ink and punches-I was able to create this:

These LO's took me forever to make. I was very picky and indecisive. Not sure what I thought. Do you ever have times like this? Again, still not sure what I think???

So anyways...

I have been tagged... by Jonelle ...

So here are some random things about me:

What was I doing 10 years ago? I was living with Steve in Nashua, NH and I was working at the same company I work for now, but in the QC Department.

5 Things on my T0-Do List: Clean my car, wash the dishes, throw in some laundry, get Bryant ready for bed, try to make time to read my new book!

5 Snacks I enjoy: icecream, tostitos lime chips and salsa, chocolate chip cookies, dry cereal, strawberries

5 Things I would do if I were a Billionaire: Quit my job, pay all my bills, pay all my parents bills, Travel, donate to charity.

5 Bad Habits: spending too much time online, biting my nails, spending toomuch time and $$ on scrapbooking, eating late at night. These are not all bad are they??

5 places I have lived-Brookline,NH-Nashua, NH-Port Orange, FL-Daytona Beach, FL-Haverhill, MA

5 Jobs I've Had: McDonalds (I lasted one month-yuck!), Bradlees (dept store clerk), Bank East (bank teller), Sun Bank (bank teller), Sales Admin for a medical company.

I like getting these tags once in a while. It gives me chance to think and reminisce a little. So now I tag YOU. You the one reading about me. I would like to see your answers.

AND don't forget to watch David Cook tomorrow night on American Idol. I KNOW!! I am just a little obsessed with him AND I am not ashamed to admit it!!! Maybe it is part of MY mid-life crisis. LOL!! :-)

Have a Wonderful evening....

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Just some more things that make ME smile...

I hope you all had a Happy Scrapbooking Day. I was able to work on a couple of projects that I will share real soon. Scrapbooking makes me so happy! Here are just a few other things that bring a smile to my face.

I am so HAPPY that I was able to snag this Add on kit from Studio Calico this month. It is on it's way as we speak! They were having some site issues on the night of May's big reveal. The kits are so anticipated that they always sell out! I really wanted this one. I have BIG plans for this and really can not wait to get my hands on it....

I wanted to share a few more things that make me smile. I LOVE these guys! Dale jr and Tony Stewart . Tony is my #1, but Jr is a close second. Neither one have won a race (YET!) this season (though Jr. should have last night, but I won't go there!) I know that many wins for both are to come! This avid Nascar fan may get to go to 2 new tracks this year. That would be Bristol, TN and possibly Richmond, VA. Very EXCITING for me indeed!

This makes me really happy! I just got my hands on Teresa Collins Boardwalk line line. LOVE it! It's gonna be GREAT for Summer pictures! AND have you seen her new Travelogue line . OMGosh, I have to have it! I WILL be documenting our Summer vacation with this.

I told ya I LOVE Tony Stewart . These are a few items that are normally sprinkled all over my desk. I gathered them together for a group shot. LOL!! Most were given to me by co-workers and friends. The key was dropped off by one of our local sales reps. He said he saw it, thought of me and had to get it. How SWEET! I just got the big Teddy (and also the calendar) from my co-worker friend Renee and the coffee cup (kinda hidden) was a late Christmas present from my friend Lisa. These little gifts sure made my day!! :-)
One last thing to add. Last, but not least. I really enjoy talking with Kathy and Aleida . I am so glad that we have 'met' and become friends. You gals are AMAZING!!

These are just a few more things that make me smile...How 'bout you???