Monday, May 5, 2008

I'm a Fiskateer!!

I am now officially Fiskateer #3366. I joined a while ago, but I am now official. Fiskars has a GREAT craft site that everyone can join. Check it out. There are so many talented ladies over there. Check out the HAPPY mail that they sent me today:

I wanted to share a couple of LO's that I worked on over this weekend to celebrate 'Scrapbooking Day'. This first one is to celebrate Bryant's 100th day of 2nd grade. Don't ya just love the COOL shades??!

I used the fun, colorful, items that came in my April add on kit (called Snapdragon) from Studio Calico . So many Yummy colors!!

The next LO was based on the following sketch. I saw this sketch months ago on my fellow Paper Jam Studio DT member, Tina 's blog. I LOVED it and have been waiting for just the right time to use it.

This sketch, along with the FAB new "Office Lingo" line by Pink Paislee, Quickutz and some Stampin' Up ink and punches-I was able to create this:

These LO's took me forever to make. I was very picky and indecisive. Not sure what I thought. Do you ever have times like this? Again, still not sure what I think???

So anyways...

I have been tagged... by Jonelle ...

So here are some random things about me:

What was I doing 10 years ago? I was living with Steve in Nashua, NH and I was working at the same company I work for now, but in the QC Department.

5 Things on my T0-Do List: Clean my car, wash the dishes, throw in some laundry, get Bryant ready for bed, try to make time to read my new book!

5 Snacks I enjoy: icecream, tostitos lime chips and salsa, chocolate chip cookies, dry cereal, strawberries

5 Things I would do if I were a Billionaire: Quit my job, pay all my bills, pay all my parents bills, Travel, donate to charity.

5 Bad Habits: spending too much time online, biting my nails, spending toomuch time and $$ on scrapbooking, eating late at night. These are not all bad are they??

5 places I have lived-Brookline,NH-Nashua, NH-Port Orange, FL-Daytona Beach, FL-Haverhill, MA

5 Jobs I've Had: McDonalds (I lasted one month-yuck!), Bradlees (dept store clerk), Bank East (bank teller), Sun Bank (bank teller), Sales Admin for a medical company.

I like getting these tags once in a while. It gives me chance to think and reminisce a little. So now I tag YOU. You the one reading about me. I would like to see your answers.

AND don't forget to watch David Cook tomorrow night on American Idol. I KNOW!! I am just a little obsessed with him AND I am not ashamed to admit it!!! Maybe it is part of MY mid-life crisis. LOL!! :-)

Have a Wonderful evening....


Ally said...

Congrats on the Fiskars gig!

mommy2alex said...

Those layouts are incredible! There's so much detail, just delish!!!
Thanks for playing along with the tag.
We vote for David C in our house every Tuesday night:)