Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Rock On...

Okay, so tonight was 'Hall of Fame' rock night on American Idol. Perfect for my Favorite Idol rocker. (Second only to Chris Daughtry!) Well..okay, let's break it down. The first song 'Hungry Like the Wolf' by Duran Duran was not one of his best. BUT...I did say he could sing anything and I would be happy. The first thing that got me (and Stacy YOU will totally feel me on this!) He was born the year that this song came out! That would be 1982! OMG! Trying not to feel OLD here. I remember going to see DD in concert in the mid 80's! Sigh.

Anyways onto the second song 'Teenage Wasteland' by 'The Who'. (This song will always remind me of CSI NY!) He totally ROCKED this one! Back on track. I really can not wait to see him live. He rocks my world! I know, I know, I am almost old enough to be his mother.

I voted tonight and I actually got through TEN times!! WOO HOO!! Go David (Cook) Go!!!

David Cook took on the lesser known Neil Diamond song I'm Alive for his first song, which Neil said gave him goose bumps!


mommy2alex said...

I only got through 3 times :(
That second song was JUST getting revvvv'd up when he had to finish it, I wanted MORE!! But he's gonna be a star like hotty Daughtry, so I'll just buy his cd!!

Denise said...

I voted for him, too. Probably right around ten times, too. I was not going to let him be Daughtry'd. If he got voted off, I would have to stop watching. That is sad!

Davinie said...

I didn't watch Idol last night! Off to Youtube the Cookster.