Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Live Out Loud

Okay, everyone, tonight is the night. One of the last times that we can all vote on this years American Idol. As you all know, our house is all about David Cook. Snagged these pics of Bryant jamming along with David. He was so into it! It was so CUTE!! Of course I had to scrap them! So here is my newest 'rockin' LO:

I am so glad to hear that everyone had a wonderful Mothers Day, myself included. I wanted to share the cards I made. This is the one that I made for Steve's Mom. She LOVED it!

And this one for my Mom. She LOVED hers also!

All for now. I hope you all have a GREAT week!! Don't forget to vote for David Cook tonight!! LOL!! I MEAN IT-VOTE FOR DAVID COOK!!! :-)
***WOW! It was tough getting through tonight, but I did it!! I got through 12 times!! WOO HOO!!!!!***


karen akaliz said...

cute cards! and love the rockin' layout.

watching AI, but really only liked david's first song. the other two were still way better than all of syesha's and archuleta's though. i want to hear more of billie jean! that rocked!!!

Kathleen Taylor said...

I voted..I love me some DC!!!

Please no more Archaletta..LOL

mommy2alex said...

That layout is AWESOME!! WOW! Adorable pics - hehe!
Love the cards, just gorgeous!!
Yep, I'm with Kathleen, NO more Archaletta, I'm going to be on pins and needles tonight!

Anonymous said...

Hey! What a fun blog you have! I voted for our guy ten times and got through. I was shocked and scared but it paid off. He is going to the top! Can't wait for next week. Love how you have DC playing on here too :)

Deborah Fiskateer #2644