Sunday, May 4, 2008

Just some more things that make ME smile...

I hope you all had a Happy Scrapbooking Day. I was able to work on a couple of projects that I will share real soon. Scrapbooking makes me so happy! Here are just a few other things that bring a smile to my face.

I am so HAPPY that I was able to snag this Add on kit from Studio Calico this month. It is on it's way as we speak! They were having some site issues on the night of May's big reveal. The kits are so anticipated that they always sell out! I really wanted this one. I have BIG plans for this and really can not wait to get my hands on it....

I wanted to share a few more things that make me smile. I LOVE these guys! Dale jr and Tony Stewart . Tony is my #1, but Jr is a close second. Neither one have won a race (YET!) this season (though Jr. should have last night, but I won't go there!) I know that many wins for both are to come! This avid Nascar fan may get to go to 2 new tracks this year. That would be Bristol, TN and possibly Richmond, VA. Very EXCITING for me indeed!

This makes me really happy! I just got my hands on Teresa Collins Boardwalk line line. LOVE it! It's gonna be GREAT for Summer pictures! AND have you seen her new Travelogue line . OMGosh, I have to have it! I WILL be documenting our Summer vacation with this.

I told ya I LOVE Tony Stewart . These are a few items that are normally sprinkled all over my desk. I gathered them together for a group shot. LOL!! Most were given to me by co-workers and friends. The key was dropped off by one of our local sales reps. He said he saw it, thought of me and had to get it. How SWEET! I just got the big Teddy (and also the calendar) from my co-worker friend Renee and the coffee cup (kinda hidden) was a late Christmas present from my friend Lisa. These little gifts sure made my day!! :-)
One last thing to add. Last, but not least. I really enjoy talking with Kathy and Aleida . I am so glad that we have 'met' and become friends. You gals are AMAZING!!

These are just a few more things that make me smile...How 'bout you???


moonlightgrrl said...


i love aleida too...

where you going on summer vacay? we've crossed out plans for our summer vacation because of this move, but i'd love to live vicariously through others!

and i can't wait to see what you do with that SC prject kit. i didn't get that add-on, just because i wanted the tabloid and fine print ones more. i'd buy it all if i could.

hope your whole weekend was fabulous!!!

ricanlaw said...

I enjoy you too and we will meet one day, guaranteed baby.

Man all those things are very, very nice and make me I'm sure as you own them you are thrilled. Girl the TC stuff looks fly.

Don't I owe you a pic? Off I go. Love you girl!

TAMI said...

Our household is BIG Nascar fans too! We have only been to the races in Phoenix....I am loving all the Teresa's products. Have YET to get my hands on them. My LSS said they ordered the lines but I have not seen it so I may have to go online!

mommy2alex said...

YUMMY kits, I cannot wait to see your creations with them!!!

Also, TAG, go to my blog for details!!