Thursday, January 31, 2008

Crazy Hat Day

At work, we have been CELEBRATING (everyday this week) that the New England Patriots are going to the SUPERBOWL. Today was Crazy Hat Day. Here are a few FUN pics. These are my Sales Admin Department co-workers:
Here is a close up of my hat. I put all of my AFC championship and the last (3) Superbowl pins on my hat:
Shiny Happy, ME!!
Today my Mom came by to take me to lunch. I do not know if it is good or bad that she used to work here too (she retired a year ago). HR slapped a hat on her too and here is the FUNNY pic to prove it! Love ya Mom!!

Crazy Hat Day is over. Tomorrow they are serving us breakfast and lunch AND there are going to be some GREAT prize giveaways. WOO HOO!! GO PATS!!! :-)

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Life is Good

My weekend was off to a wonderful start, when I came home to find this RAK from the SWEET Janna! I have BIG plans for these little books. Thank you so much Janna! You started my weekend off with a SMILE!!

Saturday morning I took a class at Amandalinz, one of my LSS's. It was taught by guest artist Angela Moen from The Button Farm . Check out their site. They make the CUTEST kits! We made this one:
I also squeezed in this LO for this weeks Scrapping the Music challenge:
Had a little break. No football this weekend. Super Bowl is one week from today!! Go Patriots!!!

With football being just about over that can only mean one thing....OH YEAH...time for Nascar to begin!!! WOO HOO!!!!
Tonight we get to just hang out and have take out. Life is good. :-)

Thursday, January 24, 2008


Oh yes, that crazy gal is me! Here is my entry into this weeks Chit Chat Challenge :

Challenge #12
Words of Inspiration: Take time every day to do something ridiculous -Philipa Walker

Product: Patterned paper from at least 3 different lines

Technique: Be excessive! Select a shape/symbol and go over the top with it. Just a little too much is not enough -- your use of the shape/symbol needs to border on INSANITY.

So what'ya think? Crazy I know! BUT, FUN, RIGHT????

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Look what I made!!!!

My first acrylic album!!! WOO HOO!!! Thanks to my DT at Paper Jam Studio ! You can view the whole thing Here too!! What a FUN project!! Loved the pics of my son that I used for this. I have had them for a while and have just been waiting for the perfect opportunity. Here is the cover:

Okay Pam, this is one of the projects that I completed during the Pats game last weekend! I have another LO that I worked on for the Chit Chat Challenge . It is only about 90% done. I will share it soon! It truly is way over the top! Totally not my style, but it is true to the challenge.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

The Patriots are SUPERBOWL bound!!!!!

No, I wasn't at the game today. I was scrappin' and cheerin' on the boys in my nice warm livingroom! Yes, I have posted this pic of my friend Deb and I before. I did not want anyone to forget how true a fan that I am.!!! Not just jumping on the bandwagon 'cause they are winning.

This has been such an AMAZING season!! 18 and 0!!! GO PATS GO!!! Superbowl bound baby!!!

***EDITED-New England Patriots vs New York Giants-Let's get it on!!! WOO HOO!!***

Saturday, January 19, 2008


Tomorrow is going to be a GOOD day. I will get to create and play with this:

Yup, my January Scarlet Lime Kit . Isn't it PRETTY? So COLORFUL and FUN! Thought that I might use it to try the challenge at Chit Chat Challenge. I think this kit will be PERFECT! Don't forget to watch the Pats kick the Chargers butts! SUPER BOWL here we come!!!

It is going to be a GOOD day!!! GO Pats!!!

Friday, January 18, 2008

Happy Friday

I Saw this funny online today and I just HAD to share! We can all use a good laugh!!

Happy Friday!!!

Monday, January 14, 2008

My Tim's Tags Project

There are so many people out there that creatively INSPIRE me so much. It is no secret that one of those people is Tim Holtz . He is an artist that pushes me to work outside my "comfort zone" and create "outside the box". I LOVE that he now has a blog.

One of the COOLEST things that he did last month was "The 12 Tags of Christmas". 12 days, 12 techniques, 12 tags. Here are his tags:

I was so excited about this idea! I really wanted to try this! I did it! I took it one step further. I decided to combine the tags, along with some of my favorite Holiday pictures and put them together into a mini album. I really LOVE the crackle paint! If you click on the pictures, you can see it up close. It is so COOL! I did do all 12 tags. A few of them were actually pages (and the cover), but I did do ALL of them. It was a long process, but I am so proud of how it came out! This is the cover which was the "Day 11" tag:

For the first 2 pages I added a CUTE pic of my son Bryant sleeping with his toy Rudolph along with the "Day 8" tag:

On the next 2 pages are some Santa outtake photos along with the "Day 1" tag:

The next 2 pages are pics of Bryant with our "Tom Brady" snowman along with the "Day 10" tag:

The next 2 pages are Bryant with the "Official Santa Photo" along with the "Day 9" tag:

Bryant LOVES to play outside. The next 2 pages are a CUTE picture of him outside along with the "Day 5" tag:

The next 2 pages are Bryant decorating the tree along with the "Day 3" tag:

How FUN! The next 2 pages are pics of the cookies and milk for Santa along with the "Day 7" tag:

Bryant's "Mini-snowmen" along with the "Day 2" tag:

The next 2 pages are a pic of Bryant with his new Nintendo DS along with the "Day 12" tag (which I made as a page instead!) :

A few of Bryant's (other) favorite gifts, along with the "Day 4" tag (which I also made into a page!) :
And LAST, but not least, is the "Day 6" tag:

I know this is a long post and it did take me a long time to complete this project, but I am so PROUD of how it came out! I did this! It is a GREAT feeling! TFL!! AND one more time, Thanks to Tim for the inspiration!! He ROCKS!!! :-)

***PS-ALL of the pages and the cover are made with Grungeboard". This stuff is so AWESOME!!!***

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Let it Snow

Though I truly would not mind if Winter was over and it did not snow again, it was fun for a little while. I do not mind, as long as I do not have to go anywhere. I can just stay home. Play in the yard, go sledding and build a snowman. It was really warm this past week, so alot of the snow melted and the snowmen are gone. Of course I took lots of pictures! Speaking of which, below is a LO I did for Scrapping the Music. I LOVE this site! My friend Aleida Franklin is on the DT. I check in on it every week, but this is my first time participating. I had the perfect pics for "Let it Snow".
My son LOVES to play outside! Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall. He is quite a ham!!! Have a GREAT weekend! TFL!! Go Pats!!!! :-)

Wednesday, January 9, 2008


WOW! WOW!! WOW!!! Look what I got in the mail today from the FABULOUS Kathleen Taylor. My Junkitz goody box that I won for the correct guess in her baby pool (only 8 hours off). Her little boy Quinn is so CUTE!! Congrats Kathleen! Enjoy every moment! Take lots of pictures!! :-)

Thanks soooooooo much Kathleen!!! You ROCK!! I see lots of scrappin' in my future. :-) Even though Junkitz is no longer, ya know that I can never get enough!!! :-)

Monday, January 7, 2008

A Great Weekend!!

I had a GREAT weekend! First I found out that one of favorite scrapbook friends and a fellow Tony Stewart fan Kathleen Taylor had her baby. Quinn is so adorable!! I also found out that I won her baby pool, so I have some cool Junkitz stuff on the way to me. YAY!! Thanks Kathleen!!!

Saturday night I had the pleasure of hanging out at Debbie Hill's house for a FUN Birthday celebration put together by her hubby. There was lots of good food, I met some new people and I got to work on my current scrapbooking project. Those who were there got a sneek peek! By the way, the cake was AWESOME!! Talk about death by chocolate! YUMMO!

Happy Birthday Debbie!!!!

I just wanted to share one more pic! We built this snowman last week. I am so glad I took pictures, because he will probably not make it through the week with all the warmer weather coming through. I am NOT complaining! It was so COLD last week!!


Friday, January 4, 2008

A Few Holiday Pics to Share..

Okay, here was our tree. I say was, cause it is all gone and put away. As much as I love the cozy feeling of Christmas, I am so glad when the chaous is all over with....

Next, here is my son Bryant on Christmas Day. Yes..he LOVES to get new clothes!!

His favorite present. Oh ya, a Nintendo DS. I think the quote was "I have wanted one of these my whole life." He is only 7...hahahahaha!!!

LOVE this out take pic with Santa! So CUTE!

My Mom made this for me. It is so COOL!!She is so creative! She must get it from me. Hehehehehe....

I made these for some of my favorite friends and co-workers. They were a big hit!!

And last, but not least, milk and cookies for Santa. How cute is this! I think the reindeer cookies were a big success! :-)

So many photos! I really need to get scrappin'!! This weekend for sure! Happy Friday everyone!!!