Monday, January 7, 2008

A Great Weekend!!

I had a GREAT weekend! First I found out that one of favorite scrapbook friends and a fellow Tony Stewart fan Kathleen Taylor had her baby. Quinn is so adorable!! I also found out that I won her baby pool, so I have some cool Junkitz stuff on the way to me. YAY!! Thanks Kathleen!!!

Saturday night I had the pleasure of hanging out at Debbie Hill's house for a FUN Birthday celebration put together by her hubby. There was lots of good food, I met some new people and I got to work on my current scrapbooking project. Those who were there got a sneek peek! By the way, the cake was AWESOME!! Talk about death by chocolate! YUMMO!

Happy Birthday Debbie!!!!

I just wanted to share one more pic! We built this snowman last week. I am so glad I took pictures, because he will probably not make it through the week with all the warmer weather coming through. I am NOT complaining! It was so COLD last week!!



Debbie said...

aw, Fun pics! Email me your pics pretty please! I got some, thanks to Deni but not that many. :-) Glad you came and glad you had fun!

Pam said...

Way to rub it in huh Dawn! ;)

Love your snowman, too cute!