Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Well, hello....

I have been a bad blogger lately! Lots of stuff going on. Busy, busy busy. I wanted to pop in and share a LO that I have been struggling with for at least 3 weeks now. I loved this picture and the story behind it and the title, but I could not make it work! Finally, I had an idea...and another one...and another one, and then it finally came together. Finally. So, the story behind this LO "He is my Back up" is:

We LOVE the RED SOX in our house. No big surprise there. My favorite player is Josh Beckett, I have a couple t-shirts and his jersey. He's my guy. Well, I also aquired a Dustin Pedroia jersey. Bryant asked one day "why did you get a little man (my nickname for Pedroia) jersey, if JB is your favorite?" I told him it was because Pedroia is my back up or my second favorite and he was cool with that. Bryant's favorite player is Jason Bay. He also has Jay Bay shirts and pics. While shopping for back to school clothes, he decided he wanted a Jacoby Ellsbury jersey, so my Mom bought it for him. I asked him why Jacob and not Jay Bay and his response was..."He is my back-up." End of story. It is all good.

Last week I told you that I had won the Crazy Daisy October kit:

and the October add-on kit from Donna Downey's blog:

Well, they arrived yesterday. Aren't they beautiful?!!! I really need to clean up/out my scrap space. I guess today is the perfect day. I am home with Bryant. He has a bit of fever and is down for the count. Poor guy. I also have to get ready for my trip. Where you say? I am headed to Martinsville, VA to the 6th race in the Chase for the Nascar cup. Go Tony! I have never been there and I am so excited! I also get to meet my friend Kathy IRL that I met through this crazy scrapbooking hobby of mine. Good, good, good times.

I also wanted to share one more thing. My sweet friend Jonnelle just opened a very cool etsy shop. You can check it out here. She is so creative!

Have a great rest of the week! I (maybe) will post pics from the weekend when I return. It really depends how incriminating they are...LOL!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Happy Birthday Jonnelle!!

Happy Birthday to YOU
Happy Birthday to YOU
Happy Birthday dear Jonnelle
Happy Birthday to YOU!!

I hope you have an AWESOME day my sweet friend!!!

Monday, October 12, 2009

A 'Black Sunday' and Life goes on...

Yesterday was definately a bummer of a sports day here in New England. The Boston Red Sox season is officially over and the New England Patriots definately had an ugly loss. To say the least. Life does go on though. It is not the 'end of the world'. There really is next year. I still love both teams and will not be jumping off the wagon anytime soon. So with that said, I move on to some really great things that have been happening. Remember this LO? Still my favorite at the moment. Well, I had shared it with the fabulous Teresa Collins and she shared it on her blog. Very exciting...I must say! You can check out the post here.

I also wanted to share some more exciting news. I entered a giveaway on Donna Downey 's blog for this:

Crazy Daisy's October 2009 Main Scrapbooking Kit
Crazy Daisy's October 2009 Add-On Scrapbooking Kit

When I was checking out her blog today, I saw this:

** congratulations Dawn Tavela you win today's Crazy Daisy giveaway!

I am so excited! This is an amazing prize!!! Donna totally ROCKS!!

AND...remember this LO? I entered it in a sketch contest over at Let's Scrap last month:

and I won this awesome Kaiser Craft wooden album from Citrus Tree Studio
I recently recieved it in the mail and it is so COOL!

Yes, I have been very lucky. I am an admitted obsessive scrapper and these goodies will all be put to good use. As you all also know, Nascar (escecially Tony Stewart!) is my other obsession. He, I must say, had a good day on Sunday. So my sporty Sunday was not a complete loss!

The long weekend is coming to a close. Don't know if I got all that much accomplished, but I did get to sleep in for a couple of days. Life is good.


Really bummed out about the Sox! I could really use a big dose of this! Do you think they make a version of this for Pats fans? I love all things Fitzy ( the New England sports nitwit)!! :-)

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Circle Journals

Okay, so I had been hanging on to a couple of circle journals for a while now. They are just so beautiful, but I was feeling a bit un-inspired. Basically, I had no mojo and I really did not want to disappoint. So. they sat in plain view for me to see everyday. Then a third shows up, so I figure I best get my a$$ in gear! As I sat and watched my favorite sporting events (Nascar, Red Sox and Pats) I was a creatin' away. Phew! I finally completed all 3 CJ's. I loved the results and I hope I did them proud. So without further ado, here they are. The first one is for the fabulous Anilu . Her CJ theme is 'favorites'. I chose my 'fave sports', which again would be Pats, Red Sox and Nascar:

The second was for the amazing Amy Coose. Her theme is 'simple pleasures'. I have many, but here are a few:

The third was for the very beautiful, very talented and very missed Aleida. Definately keeping this alive for her family. Her theme is 'a first'. I chose being a first time mother. Though my son is now nine, it is something I will always treasure and never forget:

Well, three more CJ's complete (you can click on the pics to see them better). I think I only have a couple more to go? I am so anxious to see mine! Soon. Must have patience.


Monday, October 5, 2009

Playing along with the latest BASB Challenge

Last week, my Dad was quite fortunate to be given 4 (free!) tickets to a Boston Red Sox game. So Thursday night, Steve, my parents and I took a ride down to Boston to watch the Red Sox take on the Cleveland Indians. Though they are already in the play-offs, there were still a few regular season games left. The game we saw was perfect. We saw the fabulous Jon Lester as the starting pitcher. The weather was crisp and perfect. We saw Jonathan Papelbon (our fave!) as the closing pitcher and we won 3-0. It was just awesome! I do not get to go to too many live games, so this was a treat. Something about being in Fenway Park live, is quite magical. I guess that is the best way to describe how I personally felt. I wanted to capture that feeling. Denise's newest BASB challenge was a perfect oppurtunity. The challenge is a photo mix up, to combine color and black & white pictures on a LO. I had the perfect idea. I loved this photo of Jon Lester as he saluted the crowd as he walked off the field, after pitching his last game of the regular season. I was there! He was amazing! I also added in pics of inside and outside of Fenway, along with a picture of the scoreboard, showing Jon's stats at one point during the game. I knew of the perfect papers and embellishments (that I have been saving to scrap my many Fenway photos) that I would use. The awesome Sports Edition by Teresa Collins. Can I say how really cool this line is! LOVE it!!!

I am so happy with this LO. Love the challenge! Love the papers! Love especially that I was at the game! Love that I can combine 2 of my favorite hobbies, scrapping and New England sports! Did I also mention how much I love these Sports Edition papers?! Got lots more plans for them...


Go Sox!!

Happy Scrappin'!!

Happy Monday!!