Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Circle Journals

Okay, so I had been hanging on to a couple of circle journals for a while now. They are just so beautiful, but I was feeling a bit un-inspired. Basically, I had no mojo and I really did not want to disappoint. So. they sat in plain view for me to see everyday. Then a third shows up, so I figure I best get my a$$ in gear! As I sat and watched my favorite sporting events (Nascar, Red Sox and Pats) I was a creatin' away. Phew! I finally completed all 3 CJ's. I loved the results and I hope I did them proud. So without further ado, here they are. The first one is for the fabulous Anilu . Her CJ theme is 'favorites'. I chose my 'fave sports', which again would be Pats, Red Sox and Nascar:

The second was for the amazing Amy Coose. Her theme is 'simple pleasures'. I have many, but here are a few:

The third was for the very beautiful, very talented and very missed Aleida. Definately keeping this alive for her family. Her theme is 'a first'. I chose being a first time mother. Though my son is now nine, it is something I will always treasure and never forget:

Well, three more CJ's complete (you can click on the pics to see them better). I think I only have a couple more to go? I am so anxious to see mine! Soon. Must have patience.



GretaB said...

Your entries are beautiful! Great choices for all of them. Your choice for Aleida's is perfect for the theme and definitely a treasure.

Anne aka Anniescraps said...

Dawn, they are all delightful... have to say I choked up a bit on you entry into Aleida's cj.

Denise said...

Wow Dawn! All three are wonderful! I just love your style. I must agree with the others. Aleida's layout is a treasure. Awesome job on each layout!

Amy Coose said...

Dawn, these are all gorgeous, but the one for Aleida's is phenomenal. I love what you did.

aimee said...

I LOVE THEM ALL!!! sorry didn't mean to yell ;)