Monday, January 14, 2008

My Tim's Tags Project

There are so many people out there that creatively INSPIRE me so much. It is no secret that one of those people is Tim Holtz . He is an artist that pushes me to work outside my "comfort zone" and create "outside the box". I LOVE that he now has a blog.

One of the COOLEST things that he did last month was "The 12 Tags of Christmas". 12 days, 12 techniques, 12 tags. Here are his tags:

I was so excited about this idea! I really wanted to try this! I did it! I took it one step further. I decided to combine the tags, along with some of my favorite Holiday pictures and put them together into a mini album. I really LOVE the crackle paint! If you click on the pictures, you can see it up close. It is so COOL! I did do all 12 tags. A few of them were actually pages (and the cover), but I did do ALL of them. It was a long process, but I am so proud of how it came out! This is the cover which was the "Day 11" tag:

For the first 2 pages I added a CUTE pic of my son Bryant sleeping with his toy Rudolph along with the "Day 8" tag:

On the next 2 pages are some Santa outtake photos along with the "Day 1" tag:

The next 2 pages are pics of Bryant with our "Tom Brady" snowman along with the "Day 10" tag:

The next 2 pages are Bryant with the "Official Santa Photo" along with the "Day 9" tag:

Bryant LOVES to play outside. The next 2 pages are a CUTE picture of him outside along with the "Day 5" tag:

The next 2 pages are Bryant decorating the tree along with the "Day 3" tag:

How FUN! The next 2 pages are pics of the cookies and milk for Santa along with the "Day 7" tag:

Bryant's "Mini-snowmen" along with the "Day 2" tag:

The next 2 pages are a pic of Bryant with his new Nintendo DS along with the "Day 12" tag (which I made as a page instead!) :

A few of Bryant's (other) favorite gifts, along with the "Day 4" tag (which I also made into a page!) :
And LAST, but not least, is the "Day 6" tag:

I know this is a long post and it did take me a long time to complete this project, but I am so PROUD of how it came out! I did this! It is a GREAT feeling! TFL!! AND one more time, Thanks to Tim for the inspiration!! He ROCKS!!! :-)

***PS-ALL of the pages and the cover are made with Grungeboard". This stuff is so AWESOME!!!***


Pam said...

Dang girl! You are awesome! That book rocks! I loved all those tags and didn't even make one and you did them ALL!!! I have an excuse tho, I don't have any of the stamps! LOL!

Was that you and Tim at Absolutely Everything? I got a photo of me with him there too! I wonder if we were there at the same time!

Anonymous said...

That came out great!! I spy some SU supplies in that book. :-)


Stacey said...

Dawn, you always inspire me! I love what you did with the tags, really a beautiful book!

ricanlaw said...

You know this is beautiful, you know this right?

gajgreen said...

Wow! I just printed these tags off Tim's blog the other day. My hope is to get thru all the techniques by NEXT Christmas. What a great idea you had to work it into a book though. I might have to lift that one. Thanks for the inspiration. -Jill

jill said...

What an awesome idea! I loved playing with Tim's 12-tags!

Jessica said...

Amazing book! Love the cover with Holiday Joy coming together to share the y.

Brandi said...

This is awesome! I too loved his techniques and I'm just waiting on my order of stamps to come in so I can try them out! Thanks for the inspiration!