Saturday, May 24, 2008


Yesterday another one of my favorite (former sales rep, now a regional manager) stopped by the home office for a visit. He lives in the Rochester, NY area and we are located in NH. He came bearing gifts. Large jars of candy to be exact for some of his favorite co-workers. Yay me!! The only one in my department. HA! He said it was for all times he has name dropped (ie-call Dawn and tell her I sent you..) Haha! He really is a great guy. A great listener and great to talk to. A great Family guy too. I love that about him. It was so good to see him in person and get a big hug. Plus who doesn't like candy?? :-)
Speaking of (eye) candy...the finale ROCKED!! Loved when David sang "Sharp Dressed Man" with ZZ Top. LOVED when the guys sang with Bryan Adams. LOVED when they sang with George Michael. It was an 80's fest and I loved it! Last night the top 10 were all on Larry King. It was kind of cool seeing them together and just talking, away from the idol show. I probably will not see the idol tour, but just wait to see David Cook when he is touring. I got to see Chris Daughtry on his tour last year and he was AMAZING!!!

My son Bryant said to me "Mom, you are always singing. You sing in the car. You sing along with the tv. You know every song. You are always singing.." What can I say. I LOVE music. I am not a great singer. Music just makes me feel good. He was satisfied with that answer. Phew!!! :-)

Anyways, last night we went to a Boston Bruins Alumni game against the NH State Troopers. It was a lot of FUN! The Bruins (to put it nicely) kicked the troopers butts!! 16-8! They were playing with them. They were having a good time. It was so funny to watch. Here is a cute picture I took of Steve and Bryant at the game. I already have a couple of sketch ideas I want to try out when I scrap this. LOL! Scrapping is ALWAYS on my mind. I hope to do a bunch this weekend. Happy LONG weekend!! WOO HOO!!


ricanlaw said...

Awww. Dawn, finally a pic.of your two boys together. It is so darn sweet...loving it. Hurry up and do something with that fab. photo girl.

mommy2alex said...

I cannot wait to see what wonderful creation you come up with for that pic of your guys!
Yummy, he gave you gooooood candy, glad that you were shown appreciation!!

~Nancy~ said...

The candy sure looks yummieee!! WOW!!!! So cool you were the only one picked out from your department!!!! And the pic of your boys is awesome too!!! Can't wait to see this one popping up on one of your gorgeous creations! XOXO