Sunday, May 22, 2011

Go Sox

Day two of Red Sox opening weekend 2011, we took a trip down to Fenway, just to enjoy the ambiance... ...and also, got to enjoy game 2 against the Yankees (Thanks to a very generous friend!)
Even though we lost (9-5), a great time was had by all.... How can you not be happy here? At THE 'catherdral of baseball'. Yes, that would be Fenway Park. Last weekend we headed to New York... see the Red Sox play the Yankees in the house of the enemy, otherwise known as Yankee Stadium.My man JB (Josh Beckett) was smokin' hot!
He and the boys smoked the Yankees. Yes we won 6-0. Yeah, we 'Beat NY'... their big, beautiful house. Boston is bettah!
Not only did the Red Sox win that night, they also won the day before AND the day after...a total sweep! Speaking of a Boston sweep... how about how Boston Rob totally swept and (finally!) won Survivor! Love it!Ohhh...Boston your my home.. :-)

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mommy2alex said...

Fun, FUN day!! Love the pictures! :)