Monday, July 6, 2009


This Nascar girl first fell in love with racing many years ago, while living in Daytona Beach. My favorite race to attend is the July 4th night race in Daytona. Though I do not get to attend it as often as I use to, I love to watch it on tv. Also for some reason, my guy Tony Stewart always seems to win when I am not there. Go figure?! Anyways, that would be the case this year. We did not go and he did win. Win, in a BIG way! A crash of Kyle Busch (awwww!) in the final lap!!

Yah!!!! Tony ROCKS!!!

Okay, enough race talk, on to some of the scrapping that I have done lately. I really have not done much. There is a reason for that, which I will share soon. The following 2 LO's are from the sketch 104 online class I took. These are the only 2 I have completed out of the 8 and the class is done. I am so behind! ME! Can you believe it? As I said above a very time consuming project, that I will share soon. This first LO I used a lots of goodies from my Scarlet Lime June kit. Loved these colors and they worked perfectly with these backyard baseball pics of my son. Go B!!

Though I did not personally take these pics of Tony, I wanted to celebrate Tony's 1st official win as an owner/driver. Ya, he ROCKS! I know I already said that!

I really do love these got sketch classes. I (usually) get so much accomplished, Plus, Janna Wilson is one of my favorite scrappers. Speaking of Janna, I was in my local AC Moore store, in Salem NH, and I saw this Fiskars display with pics of her kiddos. They are old pics, but I would recognize those smiling faces anywhere. Yes, I took a picture in the store, Yes, I always have my camera in my purse. You just never know...

Our fireworks got postponed (due to rain!!) until last night at 10pm. I have to say, they were not that great. I think this face says it all!

Wanted to share a couple of other things. Did a little upgrade in our bathroom. I just love a new shower curtain and all the accessories. It just makes everything look so pretty!

We also finally finished doing the livingroom over! In the past year we got new carpet, new funiture, new area rug, a new ceiling & ceiling fan, new windows, new curtains and new lamps. I even repainted the wall to look sort of like granite. I know the picture is dark, but after rearanging the room and vacuuming (a new vaccuum too!) it really looks awesome!

So, as I said, lots of stuff going on. I am still in the process of doing over Bryant's room. Today, we took a few hours to clean it. Not very fun, but that is a story for another day. Hope everyone had a happy Monday. I need to get some sleep. Back to work tomorrow. Sweet dreams!


karen m. (akaliz) said...

poor kiddo looks like he didn't enjoy fireworks at all! bummer. love the new bathroom and living room. i had that shower curtain too!

layouts look great too and i can't wait to see what it is you're working on!

Pam said...

Oh your bathroom is awesome! I love that shower curtain!

Fab pages too! That Tony one is awesome!