Monday, June 29, 2009

I Survived....

yet another race weekend in Loudon, NH. It is all about being up and out very early and home late fot 2 days straight, with lots of Nascar eye candy and oh ya, some racing thrown in. We started early with a huge amp (Dale Jr) energy drink. This was a great kick start!

One can never have enough Dale Jr:

Or even watching him do his real job. This was just practice. It was a beautiful day!

My main man and #1 one Nascar driver is Tony Stewart. This was my first time seeing him in his new owner/driver ride. This too was only a practice run.

Of course, I had to buy all new gear and boy, did I. I got shirts, a sweatshirt, stickers, a new ticket holder, a coffee cup and pics. I have been saving up for a while, just for this occasion. Tony is my other hobby/obsession!

Steve and I were also able to (finally!) get our hands on these. It is called a Nascar Sprint Fanview. They are Nascar race scanners that you can use at the race. Normal scanners allow you to hear what drivers & their crew chiefs are saying. This allows that too. It also has video that shows the tv broadcast and in car camera. Look, I am watching Tony at work-Live! LOL! Very cool I must say!

Unfortunately, the race ended in rain. They did not get the whole race in, but they got most of it in. Here is my view of pit road, just prior to them calling the race due to rain.

And here I am, just as happy as ever. A true blue Nascar fan!

Just another view of Tony at work:

Here is Tony in front of his old ride (#20 Home Depot car)

And speaking of that old ride. Joey Lagano (the new young rookie driver) was the winner of the race. His first win! I am so happy for Tony's old crew. They were with Tony for 10 years and now they are adjusting to a new young driver. I will always have a place in my heart for the Home Depot team. Loved this pic I found of Tony (and Joey) congratulating his old crew chief and friend. Very COOL indeed!

So, I survived. I am home, nice & dry and recouperating! I am already looking forward to my next race in September. I hope it does not rain this time!!

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Pam said...

OK even tho you were happy I would not have been and am soooo happy I didn't go this year! Next year me and my BFF are going so it should be very sunny and lots of fun! :)