Friday, November 2, 2007

Friday already....

WOW!!! Can you believe this week is already over? Time is just flying by.Today I got some bad news, actually sad news. One of my favorite sales reps at my work has resigned. See, I work in the Sales Administration department of a medical supply company and we have reps all over the country. There are many that I talk to frequently and have gotten to know quite well. I am a point person for them at the home office, which does make me feel good that they need me. But, truly they are my co-workers (though I only get to see them once in a while) and my friends. So it is sad when one moves on. Usually a company wide notification e-mail goes out, so that we are informed and can close up any loose ends with the person. This rep requested to not have that e-mail sent. He had really resigned 2 weeks ago. He wanted to call certain people personally just to thank them and tell them how much they have meant to him. One of those people was me. The only person in my department. :-) He said he felt like he was "breaking up" with us. You know the line "It's not you, it's me". Hahaha...I will miss him! We had many FUN conversations!

Well, I do not want to totally bum everybody out. I wanted to include one CUTE pic of my son on Halloween. He was a Red Sox player. He was a HUGE success! It even scored him extra candy! YUMMO!!!

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Aleida Franklin said...

So freaking cute is he!