Tuesday, November 27, 2007

I (Heart) Tim!!!!

OMG! Have you seen the new Grungeboard by Tim Holtz. I have been waiting (patiently!) for this stuff. I finally got my hands on some last night. I am so EXCITED!! No, I have not used it yet, but SOON! I have a few ideas floating around in my little brain. More Christmas crafts that I can not wait to share! Check out Tim's demo here ! This is the first set I bought. You can not go wrong with an alphabet set. :-) This is the next one that I want:

And...I can not forget to share that I am getting one of these (it is on the way as we speak-YAY!!!) The 7 Gypsies ATC Holder:

This is a sample project. Again, I am thinking more Christmas crafting!!! SO exciting!!!

Hope you are having a wonderful week! Can you believe that December 1st is this Saturday? And so the countdown begins!! :-)


Pam said...

I am awaiting my Grungeboard to come from CA! My friend got it at the stamp show where Tim demo'd it! I am dying to play with it too!

Where did you get the rolodex thingy? those are way cool!

ricanlaw said...

I need to get my hands on the Grungeboard and the alpha are the ones I'm going after!

Girl...I'm so jealous.