Sunday, November 18, 2007

New England Patriots

On Saturday night we took a trip down to Foxboro , MA. For those of you who do not know, this is where the New England Patriots play football. It is the home of Gillette Stadium. The owners of the Patriots are in the process of building a huge shopping complex, museum/Hall of Fame and condos. It is a huge deal! Everyone is so excited. There is basically nothing else going on in this town. Pretty much a ghost town unless some thing Patriots is going on. This will bring a lot to the area. The first store had it's "Grand Opening" this weekend. It was the "Bass Pro Shop". This a huge fishing, hunting, boating, anything outdoors store. These stores were really only in the South, so this is the first one in New England. Our little family took a drive down last night to check it out. We had a pretty good time. My son LOVED it! It is 2 floors and there was a lot to see. I can not wait till the whole project is done. I really can not wait for the museum/Hall of Fame! I am a huge Pats fan! We are 10-0. It is so AMAZING!
Here is a pic of me at work from the last Super Bowl!

Here I am at one of the Victory Parades in Boston!

Did I mention that we are 10-0?!! Undefeated!!! :-) GO PATS!!!!! :-)


Pam said...

LOL! You are too fun! Love the photos!

Aleida Franklin said...

Fun is right. You have no idea how much I absolutely love the middle pic. How funny, how fun!

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