Friday, October 26, 2007

Red Sox Win Game 2 of the World Series

The game started with the AMAZING Schilling:

Red Sox fever is still running rampid in New England. We won again!! YAY!!! This is so exciting! At my work everyone is wearing their Red Sox gear. We have been having hot dogs and peanuts and Cracker Jacks. Today there are going to be raffles to give away all kinds of Red Sox stuff. Like I said, we really have the FEVER! So we have won game 2. YAY!!!
The game ended with the AMAZING Papelbon:

It just keeps getting better!! At least tonight is a reprieve. No game on tonight. I can go to bed early and sleep in late (at least I will try to!) :-) GO RED SOX!!! Game 3 is on Saturday!!! GO RED SOX GO!!!! :-)

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Pam said...

WOOHOOO! I can't wait till tonight! I'm gonna scrap and watch the game!