Thursday, December 29, 2011

A little more Christmas

I am a huge Harry Potter fan (geek!)
 I really enjoyed the books and the movies,
and was kind of sad when the end came.
But...there is a new attaction at Universal Studios in Orlando,
where you can enjoy the Harry Potter expirience.
I have not been there yet, but Steve's mother has.
She got me this shirt:
Can you believe that she held onto it for almost a year, so that she could give it to me
for Christmas?
This is a view of the back of the shirt:
I also recieved this handmade beautiful scarf from Steve's sister-in-law:
Here is one that she made me last year. So pretty!
I got this handmade one from Steve's mother as well.. I am getting quite a collection.
We, as a family, from my family, also got a ton of gift cards for the places we go the most (movies, dunkin donuts, the grocery store, gas stations, Michaels and a couple of restaurants). Awesome!
B wanted me to take his pic while he was holding them all:
So... our adorable little Theo has been so good around the tree, all this time.
 That was until yesterday....
He was climbing it, biting it and playing with the ornaments.
 He was all wound up.
Do not know what brought that on, but it only lasted a little while and then that was it.
 Now he is back to 'normal'.
Does't he look cute here?
Even though he was driving me coo-coo at the time? 
Time to get more housework done.
Hopefully, I get to be creative today.
Happy Scrappin'!
Go Pats!!!

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mommy2alex said...

Wow, those are gorgeous scarves!!
I love gift cards, free shopping spree! :)