Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve Day

Started our day with what has become our annual tradition.
A movie at Jordans I-Max theatre.
This year, Mission Impossible: Ghost Protacol.
It was a cool movie.
what was even cooler?
They showed a pre-view for the Dark Knight Rises.
The newest batman movie, that comes out this Summer.
It looks awesome.
I'm just sayin'...

Then went home to watch the Pats...squish the fish.
Thanks God!

Speaking of the Pats...
Made this fun layout recently.
This is a pic of my friend Deb and I at a late December night game, from a few years ago.
It was so cold, but it was awesome!!
Good times indeed!
Bryant gets to open his Christmas Eve gift early.
Lucky kid!
Now I finish wrapping, drink a little wine and relax.
In preperation for the long day tomorrow.
Merry Christmas!


Briana Johnson said...

Merry Christmas to you Dawn and Bryant! I love that banner on your header! Super cute layout with the big ribbon, looks like like yall had quite the time! last movie I saw was Smurfs and I didn't like it.

mommy2alex said...

Merry Christmas friend!
LOVE your new banner, gorgeousness!!