Sunday, September 18, 2011

Something Borrowed / Something Blue

There is something about reading. I have always been a reader. Always have my nose in a book (or books). I love the escape. To picture the characters and get caught up in the story. I bought this book, Something Borrowed, a while back and finally had a chance to read it. I knew they had made a movie based on it, but I still wanted to read it first. I enjoyed the book. It is a story about two friends, Rachel and Darcy, they had been friends since childhood and are now 30. Rachel is the smart, good girl and Darcy is the wild, well connected party girl. Total opposites, which makes for an interesting story.

Of course, after I finished the book, I had to see the movie. The coolest thing, about movies based on a book, is seeing the characters come to life. The movie was okay. It made you feel. They did change a few things, here and there and tweeked the ending. Sort of, tied it up, a bit of a tear jerker of a scene, but it was still different from the book.

There is a follow up book. I bought this one too. Something Borrowed, the first book, is in Rachel's point of view. The second book, Something Blue, is in Darcy's point of view. The second book starts by overlapping the end of the first, but Darcy's version and then it continues on with Darcy's life. The beginning of the story seemed very believable. I understood what was happening to Darcy and how she was feeling, but the ending to this story just does not seem believable to me. That is just my opinion. I do not want to give too much away. I compare it to a movie sequal. You will always go see it, but it will never be as good as the first.
Well, now I am off to pick a another book from my pile of the many books I still have to read.
I just have too!
I love that.


Heather said...

You can feel free to leave both on my desk to read - I actually don't have a book that I'm reading right now... :)

Melanie said...

Hi Dawn :)

Love your book reviews. I'm always looking for a good read.

Just wanted to pop over about your question on the Scarlet Lime blog. The ad/sketches are posted in the 9/12 post and Mimi's post today. I couldn't get them to upload when I posted my projects.

Hope that helps.