Sunday, September 4, 2011

Big Time Rush, Baby!

Oh, oh, ohhhhhho...Big Time Rush is in da house!
We love Big Time Rush and we got to see them live and in person. Woo Hoo! They actual did a show at Hampton Beach Casino in NH. B was so excited. There was like a bazillion people. It was a bit crazy. Here are their tour buses.
The line for shirts was never ending, but of course we had to get one!
They even did a show in Boston the night before, but Hampton Beach was much closer, especially on a school night.
B loves his shirt and I think he has worn it 3 times already.
I am so glad we were there, together. It was a very fun mother and son evening!
At every show, they take a picture with the crowd. Here is the one from Hampton Beach.
It was a really great show. My first boyband concert ever. The screaming girls were not that bad. There were lots of families there, moms and dads. The band sounded great and even dedicated one song to the parents. So sweet!
I am so glad we went.
 It was fun.
Plus we were not out too late.
Bryant's 2nd concert.
What a lucky kid he is!

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mommy2alex said...

Very cool night! I saw on the shirt that it says MN State Fair...might need to see about that, Alex would be excited! :)