Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Learn Something New Everyday...the 1st half

Learn something new or re-learn something you may already know. That is the lesson that Shimelle is teaching in this online class that I am taking this month. It is a sort of December Daily type class, but with  lessons or observations from our day to day life. I liked this idea and thought that I would give it a try. We are half way throught the month already. I can't believe it. It is crazy, but I am loving it. Here are my lessons for the first through the fifteenth & my cover...

My cover, colorful and simple:

Page one: Unfortunately, there is no such thing as an easy button. I have this one on my desk at work and believe me, there are days that I really wish that it worked!

Page two: It has been a really long time, since I have gotton floweres for any reason, so imagine how happy I was to recieve these beautiful sunflowers, out of the blue. It really makes you really learn to appreciate the little things in life.

Page three: Family is precious. Bryant only gets to see his cousin Ben 2 to 3 times a years. So, anytime they have together is precious. They are more like brothers (and look alike too.) Love these boys!

Page four: I love to read. The characters you meet. the places you go and the things that happen are such a great escape. I learn so much!

Page five: Everything is new again through the eyes of a child. This little guy is my friends' 4 year old foster son. He is adorable. I loved observing him. I (re)learned alot!

Page six: One is never to old to enjoy a fun boy band. My son and I recently went and saw Big Time Rush in concert. We had the best time!

Page seven: Toys are not just for kids. Who doesn't still love to play with toys?

Page eight: Sometimes you just gotta let it rain. As mother always says 'there will be days like these'.

Page nine: I have learned that even at my age, that I am still a bit of a geek. I am okay with that though.

Page ten: I look at this little beat up football, hanging from the mirror, everytime that I get in my car. Sometimes I know how that feels.

Page eleven: This will always be a sad day, but I have learned how brave and strong people can be.

Page twelve: No matter how much time goes by, I still miss my friend.

Page thirteen: I love my son more and more everyday. He makes me so happy!

Page fourteen: happy mail given and recieved makes me very happy.

Page fifteen: No matter what else is going on, as long as the sun is shining, all is good.

So these are the lessons I have learned or re-learned so far this month. I am enjoying this quite a bit. Two more 2 weeks to go.

All for now.

Happy Scrappin'!!!

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