Sunday, September 11, 2011


I remember every year, as a child (and sometimes even now) my mom reminding me of where she was on November 22nd, the day president John F. Kennedy was shot. Every year. I can almost quote the story. Almost. I remember smiling at my mom, but thinking why would you want to remember that. But, now I realize that you can never forget a moment that is so signifcant. So tragic. So historical. So sad. Now on this date, September 11th, the ten year anniversary of the loss of life, the Twin Towers, the crash at the Pentagon and the terrible plane crash in that Pennsylvania field, I understand.. I know where I was when I heard the news. Or should I say saw the news. I was home on that day with a sick one year old baby. I saw it live on TV and listened to Peter Jennings as he was breaking the news. It seemed surreal. This could not be happening. It was happening. Our country was in crisis. It was like watching a movie, but it was reality.

Time has marched on since then. That does not mean that we have forgotten. We as a country have gotten stronger, but the sadness remains. On this day, the ten year anniversary, it feels like it was just yesterday. It was yesterday. We must never forget! I, like my mother, will never forget where I was on 9-11.

Bryant was only one and does not remember that day, but every year he is told the story, the history of the event of  one of the worst things to ever happen to our country. This year they were shown news footage and given flags:

These flags were planted by the fifth graders all over the front lawn of their school:

The students at the elementary school next door, also had an amazing display of flags:

God Bless the USA

I also want to remember two old friends of mine, who celebrate their Birthdays today.
One has since passed away, but never forgotten.
Happy Birthday Mike!
Happy Birthday Di!

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