Friday, September 2, 2011

The Help, glee 3D & me

I have been wanting to read this book for a while now. I knew the movie was coming out, but I also know that I have so many books in my bookcase still to read. This one was intriguing to me though. Heading out on vacation last week, I knew we had many hours of driving ahead of us. I decided to finally pick it up. I am so glad I did. It kept me interested from start to finish. I was finished this book way before I even got back home. Though I did not grow up in the south and I really can not relate, it did make me laugh, cry, think and try not to judge or assume (you know what 'they' say...) you know anything about anyone. Though this is not a true story, it is a way of life in Mississippi. If I had been born there, it could of been my upbringing. It is just a great story.
As soon as I returned from vacation, I had to see the movie. It was really good. Though they tweeked a few parts of it, it was for the good of the over all feel of the story. I cried (quite a few times, I will admit). I really felt it, seeing the characters come to life. If you get a chance, do see this movie...but read the book first!
As much as 'The Help' made me really think, the 'glee 3-D' movie helped me escape. Even if only for a bit. We went and saw this while we were in Charlotte. It was so good! It made me so happy! I could not get tickets when the glee concert came to this area (they sold out in like 3 minutes!) so this was the next best thing. There were only a few of us in the theater, but we were singing and laughing and just be-bopping around. Love, Love, Loved it!
I really love all the glee cast, but 2 are my real faves. I love Artie! He totally does not look the type, but he is an awesome hip hop singer. Love him!
Then there is Blaine. He is the lead singer of the Warblers. He has the most amazing voice and he can sing to me anytime. Love him!
Yay! We have a long weekend ahead! Do something fun on this last Summer hurrah!
Happy Scrappin'!!!

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mommy2alex said...

I haven't read or seen The Help, yet! I cannot wait. :)
Glad yall had a great vacay, sounds like you did LOTS of fun things!