Monday, March 28, 2011


The newest Got Sketch class has begun. This time around it is called Club Got Sketch. Valerie Salmon has such a precise, clean, perfected look to her sketches and layouts. I don't think that is really my style, but I love to take a sketch and make it my own. Her sketches are very fun to play around with. This is my take on the first sketch we received. Though I can not share the actual sketch, just know that I changed it up a bit: One more thing that I want to share. I came across Chris DeRoy's sports artwork through mutual friends on facebook. I loved it instantly and became a huge fan. I have shared it with just about everyone I know. He has some great Red Sox and Pats prints, but I didn't see any Nascar, so I contacted him. He had never done a Nascar piece, but he was willing to give it a try. My first request was a Jeff Gordon piece, as a surprise gift for Steve, for Christmas. It came out awesome! Steve was surprised and he loved it. He knew right away that it had been done by 'that guy'. He listens to what I have to say, most of the time. Lol! That guy, would be Chris DeRoy or DeRoy Design(s). Once Christmas was over, I contacted Chris again, for a Tony Stewart piece, for me. It came out great! Both pieces now hang side by side (no rivalry here!) on our bedroom wall. Don't they look great?! Check them out:

Happy Monday!

Happy Scrappin'!!

Go Sox!!

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mommy2alex said...

Great layout! I love that paper, have used it on an Alex layout! Have fun with the class.