Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Vacation Mini

Yes! I finally finished my vacation mini album! I am sooooo happy! I have had this project in the works for a couple of weeks now (and you thought I had not been scrappin'!) This year for our vacation we did not travel far from home. We did day trips and it was awesome! I felt waaaay more rested.

Okay, so without further ado... here it is. I put the whole thing together with this Bo Bunny album, my June Scarlet Lime kit (I loved these colors!) and a little bling. It all just came together so perfectly. Here is the cover:
The first 2 pages are just about an afternoon spent at Bryant's Auntie & Uncle's pool. Though he was the only one that happened to go in that day, it started his vacation off with a fun afternoon:
The next 2 pages are about an afternoon we spent taking the Duck boat tour in Boston. Bryant even drove the boat a bit:
The next 2 pages show the fun we had at our first Fisher Cats baseball game:
...and these 2 pages show some pics from the beautiful beaches of the Cape. Can't get enough of the beach!
These last 2 pages show us visiting the homes of our 2 favorite sports teams; Gillette Stadium-home of the New England Patriots and Fenway Park-home of the Boston Red Sox:
We had a great vacation and now we are back to reality. But I now have a fun little album, full of memories, to share with our friends and family. I think I have my scrappy mojo back...I was starting to think that I had lost it. More scrap projects to come...

Have a great week!!


Denise said...

Dawn, you layout is awwwwesome! I was singing that. Wow...a lot of work went into that album. I am impressed beyond words!

mommy2alex said...

Oh that's so great!!! Love it! Those big flowers are great, did you make them?!
Love to see your mojo back, if it was hangin out with mine, will you send it back home?!!!

Ki said...

Oh my! That is one fabulous mini!! You did awesome on this that's for sure! Love every single page~!

Greta said...

Dawn, this is fantastic! I can't imagine how long that must have taken. As Denise said, you put a lot of work into this, and it shows. Well done, my friend!

Anilu Magloire said...

I's so gorgeous!! You have to teach me how to make minis like that.

~Nancy~ said...

Love love love your mini Dawn! It's so cute.. so much work also!!! I hope you're doing ok!! Have a great Friday! XOXO