Monday, August 3, 2009

Duck Boats

This past Friday we headed into Boston, just for this:

Yes, a Duck Boat Tour. For those who have never been. It is a historical tour around Boston in a land/water old war vehicle. This would be our second time taking the tour and we were really excited. The last one we took was 5 years ago and now that Bryant is older, we thought that he would understand it and enjoy it more. We took the train into North Station again. Right after we arrived in the city, this was the first thing we saw. Yep, Keith Urban's tour bus. He was in town for a concert that night. Very cool!

We had a couple of hours to spare before the tour, so we had a little fun. Even though the weather was in and out all day, Bryant loved playing in this fountain. He barely got wet!

On the train ride in earlier in the week, we saw this ad. It was an ad for 3 books written by Hank Phillippi Ryan. Hank has been an investigative reporter for our local (channel 7) news for over 20 years, so this caught our eye.

It had started raining, so we headed into the local mall and got some lunch and then decided to go to Barnes and Noble to look around. To my surprise as we walked in, there was Hank Phillippi Ryan signing her first of the 3 books that are coming out. I did get to chat with her a while and I mentioned that we had seen the ad on the train. She loved that!

She signed my book, "For Dawn, Thanks for seeing my poster on the T! Keep in touch. Hank Phillippi Ryan". Very cool indeed!

Finally we were off on our tour. Here I am in the front seat:

On part of our trip we are out on the Charles River. The driver lets a few people take over the wheel just for fun (and photo ops too!) Go B!!

Here is our boat "North End Norma". Our driver Ray was awesome and we had a blast!!

These boats are always used during our sports teams celebration parades. This boat had a ton of autographs on it. Jason Varitech's (Boston Red Sox catcher/team captain) autograph was right above me:
Speaking of the Red Sox, check out this boat. Love it!

Though the weather was not the best on Friday, we had a great day! We really had a great week. Vacations are GOOD!


Anilu Magloire said...

What a cool trip!!! Those boats looks like tons of fun :)

Denise said...

Fun! I would love to go on a Duck Boat. What a spectacular day you had. I am so happy it was a good one!

mommy2alex said...

WOW, what a great day!!!
I love the shots that you get, very creative:)
That duck boat is awesome!!