Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A bit more Fenway Fun

Last weekend my Dad was able to get some tickets to a couple of 'farm team' games that were being played at Fenway Park. One of the teams is the Pawtucket Sox, which is where many of the Boston Red Sox players hail from. So my parents, Bryant & I headed to Fenway.

We were in a totally different area of the park. A section that I had never been to. Lots more photo ops, like these championship banners:

This very cool vintagey looking sign:

Just looking up and back from where we were sitting, you could see this wall that faces outside the park:

A few cool things inside were, Red Sox beer on tap:

This huge picture made of all Lego's:

Even this Wally (our mascot) bench:

Bryant had a great time!

He even became part of 'Kid Nation':

Here is where we were sitting. up top, in the shade. Good times!

Any opportunity to spend a beautiful day at Fenway and I am there! Love the 'cathedral of Baseball' as my frind Anne says. I know this gal can never get enough of Fenway Pahhhk. LOL!!!


Tonya said...

Looks like you had so much fun! A little boy in pure heaven I am sure!

Amy Coose said...

Great pics! I can tell you had a great time.