Saturday, August 2, 2008

Who LOVES a Handmade Card???

I most definately do! I treasure them! I know the (work) that is put into them. I am very appreciative. I just wanted to share a few beauties that I recieved for my B-day. This first one is from the very talented Tami Rowden:

This cutie is from the awesome Greta Baksa :

AND...well this one looks so pretty...though I have not seen it in person...yet! Hint, hint is from my good friend Aleida Franklin :

Love all cards, simple or detailed. Just knowing it was made for me means more than I can say. :-)


Sharie said...

Lovely cards, and handmade from friends are the best! Enjoy your weekend!

ricanlaw said...

Those cards rock and I promise my dear friend, I will mail your card as well as Judi's. I promise you that. ;)

mommy2alex said...

Those are SO purdy!
I love getting handmade cards, but the ones that I make aren't ever as pretty/intricate as I'd like, why? Don't know!

TAMI said...

I am glad you liked the card- it is funny to see something I made 'somewhere' else! LOL! I KNOW you had a FAB birthday....can't possibly top CHA!

It's Me SW said...

I love those cards. I am actually working on making some for my boyfriend. He works off shore and is gone for a month at a time so, I am was going to make him some for the next time he goes out, so that he can have something to look forward to! Wonderful cards. I love them.

aimee said...

handmade cards are the best. you know someone cares when they take the time to make it for you!