Sunday, August 31, 2008

Beach Day

We are lucky enough to live close the ocean. Less then an hour away. Since Friday was my last day off for a while, we decided to take a beach day. I LOVE the beach, always have. One of my favorite spots here in MA is Plum Island. My BFF from highschool lives here. So anytime we want a beach day, we just drive to her house. We can walk to the beach from there and the parking is free. Gotta love that! Just as you go over the bridge you see this quaint little 'New England-y' sign welcoming you to the island. Though I, myself, have been here hundreds of times, I pulled over to get a picture of the sign:

Here we are enjoying the beautiful day:

We are here...YAY!

The water was actually warm, if you can believe it:

Cutey, just a posin':

My BFF was actually working on Friday, so we missed her, but we had a great time. The weather was nice and it was not crowded. Probably our last beach day for a while.


Rita said...

Great photos! I love the beach! We haven't made it there this summer and we are also only an hour away from the Oregon coast.

mommy2alex said...

Love the self portrait! Sounds like a perfect beach day - cannot wait to see the layouts - hehe!!

Lyn said...

looks like a beautiful day! how lucky you're only 1 hr from the ocean! i'm very jealous!

Davinie said...

Looks like fun was had!

AnnaMarie said...

What fun pics! You are blessed to live so close to the beach - beautiful!

Scrap Evangel said...

I live near many beaches as well (San Diego) Love it. Looks like you guys had a great day!

Kelly said...

Gorgeous pictures Dawn!
I miss the beach...we are just coming out of winter - still too cold to go yet.