Monday, December 3, 2007

Weekends Just Fly By..

Boy, am I glad that Monday is over. Closer to Friday, ya know???! Took this FUN pic in the car this weekend. Yes, I was driving down a main street and taking pictures. I thought it was cute!!! LOL! :-)
Wanted to share these CUTE pics of my son Bryant showing off his journal that he altered (all by himself). He did a great job, if I do say so myself...
He LOVES Tim Holtz. He made this in what he calls "Tim Holts style". Painted, inked, distressed, sanded, altered etc. He is so proud of it! Me too!!! :-)
He even made the paper crown. Very creative, I must say! Where does he get it from???
I have so many cool things going on. Lots of creativity in this house. AND I have an awful sinus cold! Yuck! I am trying to not let it slow me down. I just got my NEW DT kit for Paper Jam Studio. So exciting! I even have a couple of things that I have created lately, but I will share those next time! Just wanted to share one more thing. Though I did not make this, I had to share. A co-worker of mine has been making these like crazy, for Christmas decorations at work. Friday I got to work and this was on my desk. I was so excited! I know Orange and white are not very Christmas-ey, but they are so me. You see, I am Nascar driver Tony Stewarts greatest fan! So, I can really keep this hung up all year round!! YAY!

Don't forget to check Tim Holtz's blog. Today is Day Three. He is AMAZING!!!! :-)


ricanlaw said...

You and I think alike regarding having our children join in on the creativity. Good job little dude. Maybe next time mama will take some pictures on the process to use to show us lame folks a tutorial. :) Little man you are the coolest little dude. Great job.


Pam said...

LOL! Your son is way too cute! And very creative! You need to send these photos to Tim! :)

Way cool ornament! I am a DJ fan myself tho since the Labonte Bros are old! ;)