Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Cute Crafts

I got this super CUTE calendar kit from Janna Wilson a while ago and I finally got to put it together. I have a few AMAZING kits that I have been wanting to get to. This one I just had to do now. So I am starting my calendar with December. I didn't want to wait to be able to enjoy this one! Doesn't it look so CUTE in my office??!!And yes, I made another little tree wall hanging. I love these! Super easy, super cheap and super CUTE! (Using this word a lot today, huh???) Plus, don'tcha just love, love, LOVE Basic Greys Figgy Pudding line. So PRETTY! WOW!!
Tonight we put up our tree. It looks so sweet! I will share pics tomorrow!! Have a wonderful evening!!! :-)


Pam said...

I have a junkitz calendar too! I made mine in Debbie's class! I love them! Yours looks great!

Love your tree! What did you use as a base? I don't have any FP papers, I have so much Blitzen and Dasher I feel guilty buying it! But it is beautiful!

ricanlaw said...

I can't wait to see your tree!!!!
The calendar is so pretty, must really warm up your office space.

Anonymous said...

Very cute. How big is the tree?