Monday, December 31, 2007

Cool New Stuff For Me..

Look at this!!! I recieved these 2 kits within the past week:

Okay, well the 1st one is not exactly a kit. Below is a class project by The AMAZING Teresa Collins . Basically what is included with this is a DVD of Teresa hereself going through her creative process. It is not the class persay, but a guideline. She promotes making this project your own. In otherwords, not exactly like hers. She includes exclusive stickers, journaling word sheets, color pictures and guidelines. The ATC is not included, but I already have mine. Theses things are so COOL! I think that I will use mine to document 2008. Starting in January. It will be a unique project to me. Here is a pic of Teresa's:

Next is an AWSOME kit from the very CREATIVE Donna Downey. I have been trying to get my hands on one of these kits for FOREVER it seems! This is one of the last ones that she had, as these will no longer be available. It is called "The Fabric of My Life". It is a cloth minibook that requires sewing. My new thing this year will be sewing. For crafts that is, not clothes or anything. LOL! But, I do plan to buy a sewing machine. I really LOVE the look of stitching on scrapbook pages!! Plus I really LOVE this minibook! Check it out:

Also, speaking of Donna Downey, she is going to be here . So, if you live in the area (Pam, Debbie, Stacy D.) come check it out! I will be taking 2 of her classes. I can't wait!!
Happy New Year everyone!!! Stay safe and have a drink for me!! :-)


Kathy Marie said...

hey i knew that atc holder looked familar hehe. omg both projects look ohh so awsome :-) Cant wait too see how you use the goodies.

ricanlaw said...

These are wonderful Dawn. It's it great to receive stuff like this. Brings a smile to my face about the possibilities. I have my atc holder and was thinking of going the same route you are. I wanted to wish you a very Happy New Year Dawn. You are one of the great things to happen to me last year and I so look forward to our friendship blossoming.

Dylan said...

Dawn, I think I met you at Debbie's crop. Thanks for the info in your blog about Donna Downey in NH. I love her work and got to sign up for 2 of her classes. I'm SOOOO excited to take them. Can't wait. Thanks for the tip. - Jill