Wednesday, December 26, 2007


My son drew this for me a while back. It seemed that I was frequently getting boxes from Junkitz (either buying or winning!) I couldn't get enough!! ***Note..He is 7***

As many of you now know, Junkitz has closed its doors forever. It really saddens me that they are no longer. Most of you know Junkitz is my all time Favorite scrapbook company. Yes, there are many other great companies out there that I LOVE, I won't lie, but there was always something about Junkitz that kept me coming back. They have some really great products! The other thing about Junkitz is the people. I have met some AMAZING people through this company (online and IRL). First the owners Stacey Panassidi and Kenny Panassidi. They made me feel welcome the first time we ever met and have treated me like we have always known each other. Stacey is so inspiring to me and always compliments and supports my work. And Kenny, you always make me laugh. You WILL become a Nascar Fan (and a PATS fan!) if I have my way-HA! Next their Design Team Leader Debbie Hill. I have been very lucky to meet, spend time with her and consider her a friend. Plus, it is so COOL that she lives nearby. Thanks Deb for all of your support and good times. Next there were so many talented women on the DT. Kathleen Taylor my fellow Tony Stewart fan! This is one talented lady! Maybe someday we can check out a race. I have never been to Richmond.... I know you will be VERY busy soon with the new baby, but maybe we can get together and scrap someday. :-) Kathy Marie Perez gave me my first ever DT opportunity at Paper Jam Studio . For that I am so THANKFUL!! She is very creative energetic lady. Next is Gretchen McElveen , she is AMAZING. She was even a finalist in the SOY. No surprise here! She also is a fellow Nascar fan. She loves Jr and he is my other favorite. Last, but not least, is Mary Russo . I finally got to meet her at CKC-Manchester this past May. I am in AWE of her talent!

Junkitz has also had some truly inspiring designer artists. I have gotten to know Janna Wilson over the past year. She is so creative. She inspires me and I inspire her. I LOVE that! She is the BEST!! Teresa Collins, what can I say about this lady that has not already been said. She is truly gifted and we are all lucky to have her share that gift with us! I think I first heard of Tim Holtz through his products with Junkitz. WOW! He has exploded into this "mostly womens" hobby. I got to meet him a couple of times this year. He is the COOLest!!!

So, even though Junkitz is no longer, I really enjoyed it while it lasted and I have met some great people that I will ALWAYS be inspired by! There are even a couple of "Junkitz Junkies" that I have become friends with: Kelly Morris and Pam . You gals ROCK!!! I am so glad to have met you! :-)

I have seen some of the negative stuff that is out there. It disappoints me. Don't people have better things to do with their time? I support Stacey and Kenny in their new venture with Inque Boutique. I think that they can do great things! Best wishes!!


Pam said...

You go Dawn! I could have written this whole post myself (well except for the Tony Stewart part, I'm a JR fan)!I was so sad to see all the negative stuff about Junkitz and I hurt so much for Stacey and Kenny! I agree with each and every thing you said here! I have been lucky enough to get to work the Junkitz booth at CHA and meet a bunch of the girls too and they are all fabulous! I wish Stacey and Kenny nothing but the best in their new journey!

ricanlaw said...

You are the best! I love this post it is very postive and very informative and that is what we need right now. Thank you my dear and talent friend. I love that you provided links so I can now check them out. All my best to you and you keep rolling out those layouts and keep smiling. You are so amazing. Hugs!!!!!

ricanlaw said...

Hey I forgot to add, I love the drawing.

Mary Russo said...

Hi Dawn,

I just found your blog from someone else's. I love your countdown calendar. So Cute! What a cute picture your son made. Very sad about Junkitz. No more boxes...
Thank you for your nice words too. See you soon.