Monday, January 2, 2012

blog your heart

I tried this once before and it was great therapy.
Thanks Stephanie!
Here goes:

1.) This year I really want to have a healthier lifestyle.

 Living with 2 guys who love to eat all the time makes it tough. I have joined Cathy Zieleske's 'Move More-Eat Well 2012' challenge. One step at a time. I need to do this for me.

2.) I have decided to do 'Project Life' to document (#1 above)

I really had no interest in Project Life initially. Becky Higgins style is very simple.
She is very talented, but that is just not my style.
Funny thing is, the more I looked into Project Life.
the more it looked liked a perfect idea for this.

3.) Things are changing at work

We merged with another company.
There is a lot of negativity out there right now.
People are nervous.
I enjoy my job.
Yes, we are growing.
Yes, things are changing
yet it is just the same.
Until I am told different,
I will just keep on doing what I do.

4.) Out with the old

I am so sick of the clutter and unfinished projects here at home.
I have already started getting rid of so many things that we have not touched or even looked at in years.
Many garbage bags have alreaady been filled and and sent to the landfill.
I was beginning to feel like a hoarder'
There is also paint and repair work to be done.
It is crazy!
It needs to be done
It has been too long.

5.) We need for Bryant to try harder in school.

We do not want him to just 'get by'
He is so smart.
We are hoping this is just a phase.
He knows his stuff,
but just will not try.
This is hard for me.
I never had a hard time in school.
Sometimes I barely studied and I still got "A's"
It just came naturally to me.
We think these days there are just way more distactions.
We are working on fixing that.
We just want him to succeed.

These are just some of the things that I am concentating on right now.
The important things at the moment.
I do not want them to fizzle out,
like most do.
One step at a time.
One step at a time.


stephanie howell said...

here's to health, creativity, and positivity. and for what it's worth, i really had a pretty bad phase like that in school. i got over the hump (and over myself) though. hahah! xxo

Diana Albright said...

I so want to join you in CZ's Move More Eat Well class and will maybe add it later in the month when our grants come through. Good on you for doing it and finding a way to put Project Life in the mix. As for the kiddo, I was like that in school too. I got over it later than many, but I DID get over it. It'll all be OK. Love you!!

Sabbyscrap said...

Good luck with your new projects. May 2012 bring you all you wish for yourself and your family.
Cheers from Bordeaux, FR