Friday, August 19, 2011

On My Way

Can I just tell you how much I am loving mixed media art? I mean really. I love it. I have now taken 3 of Christy Tomlinson's online art classes. This is the first time that I have really just jumped right in. I have always been in awe of the creativity that is out there in the scrapbook world (and beyond!) I never knew that I could do it, but I did! I did it! Here is my latest piece. It is the last of the 5 color schemes (aqua/red/purple/green) from Christy's latest class. This was actually Day One''s color scheme, but I did this one last. It was the most difficult one for me.  I am happy with the result, but it is much different than the first four I created.

 Yesterday I received some very "happy mail" from my sweet friend Jonnelle. A belated B-day present. I love it! So much scrappy goodness here. Lots of Heidi Swapp. I love Heidi and I love Jonnelle! Thank you so much girl!!! I had a very busy, hectic and a bit stresfull week and it was so great to come home to this fun surprise:

 Like I said, I love Heidi. She is amazing!

Have you heard about the Big Idea Festival-Words to Live By event? This is a free 12 day online course over at  Big Picture Classes (dot com).  I have taken a couple of classes this Summer. There are some awesome classes over there. I am really loving this one right now. We are on Day 5 so it is almost hallf way over. Go check it out. Did I mention it was free??? a couple of days I will be on my way to Charlotte. Yup, a one week vacation with the fam. Very excited! We need a break from the norm. We need to feed our Nascar passion too. ...Oh Tony...wink, wink!

Happy Scrappin'!!!

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mommy2alex said...

So glad you got your happy mail, especially after having a day when you really needed it!!
LOVE your work-of-canvas-art! SO pretty! I love the purple with the red and green. :)
Very excited for you and your family to have a vacation...cannot wait to see pictures!