Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Mixin' it up

I have always been amazed with the creativity of such artists as Christy Tomlinson , Tim Holtz and Donna Downey. They started as scrapbookers and have become much more than that. They are artists, Their more recent endeavors are more toward the mixed media type art. Mixed Media art always caught my eye, but I really never thought to try it. These past few months changed that. I took a couple of online classes with Christy (maybe someday in real life!) I was still just an observor, but then just decided to go for it. These are my first 3 attempts, based on the color schemes provided by Christy in her latest class called "Creative Color-Art Redefined". The first color scheme is black/white/orange. Reminds me of Fall, so that is where I went with it:

The next color scheme was yellow/red/blue. 'Consignment Queen' is a nickname I have at work. It pertains to my job and is really only truly understood by those who work with me. I just had fun with this one:

"If friends were flowers, I'd pick you" is a quote that I always liked, but had never used. I thought it perfectly fit the yellow/pink/green color scheme:

There are a couple more color schemes that I have left to complete, from this mini class. These first three just came to me, right away. It has been so much fun, who knew?

Just a bit more Birthday happies. I received a GC from Studio Calico for my B-day and could not resist getting their newest kit. It looks so Summer-y and reminds me of the beach. I just recieved it yesterday and it is even more spectacular IRL:

Have a fabulous day!

Happy Scrappin'!!!


lisa dickinson said...

such fun canvases! love the color & texture!

Mary Jo said...

Those are gorgeous works of art! I think the bottom two are my favorites color wise.
Have fun with your kit! It really is a great one this month :)

mommy2alex said...

Awesome canvases! I might need to take a mini class, I love it, but am too chicken to give it a try (plus don't know what I need).
The first one is SO Dawn-tastic! I love that you have a style that I can pick out of a lineup (just like Vicki Boutin, Donna Salazar, and T!m), but each piece is different with touches of your style! Aaaah, one day I want to be like yall!
That new SC kit is awesome!!

Ursula said...

Those are simply beautiful pieces! I especially love the orange, black and white. Good for you doing something totally new!

Sarah Webb said...

I like the tree canvas the best! Great layers and colours!

Kelly said...

Awesome canvasses.

Anilú Magloire said...

Wow! You did a great job. Love them all. So creative :-)

lisa truesdell said...

such pretty canvases - enjoy the kit!