Friday, April 17, 2009 April

I am very fortunate to have two best friends. I am also very fortunate that live close by. They each live about 45 minutes away (in opposite directions), but still close by. Even though they are close, we still do not get see each other often enough. Our life schedules 'get in the way'. Well, last weekend my friend Stacy and I made the time for a visit and to exchange Christmas gifts. Christmas you say? I told we were busy! Anyways, do you remember this kit that Teresa Collins designed for retail stores, using her newest Christmas line? I bought the kit for Stacy and was only able to give it to her now.

I already had most of the items in the kit already, so I made one for myself this past January:

I could not post it til now:

I wanted Stacy to be surprised.

She loves it I can not wait to see what she does with hers!

Look what I got from Stacy!! Isn't it beautiful!!!

I LOVE this bracelet! It is all about the 'footprints' poem. Do you remember that one. Everyone I know had it hanging in their house when I was growing up. I have had a lot of recent personal tragedies in my life and this sentiment means alot to me. To know that Stacy is there for me, no matter how far away, no matter what. That is what best friends do. This is an everyday reminder, though I do not need one. Thanks Stacy!!


vtpuggirl said...

Cherish your friends! I don't have many close by, the military has seen to it that every time we move I lose at least 2, maybe more. Beautiful album and bracelet!

Greta said...

You did a great job on the album! What a great thing you have to have friends close by. I sure wish I did. You two are lucky to have each other. :)

Beautiful bracelet too!

Keri said...

cute cute! Hey, I need your address for the swap, so e-mail me when you have a moment, THANKS!

Ki said...

Great album!! The bracelet is beautiful too!

mommy2alex said...

Wow, how wonderful! LOVE your mini, beautiful and that bracelet is just fab!!